Happy Dad’s Day to all the DiS dads. Hope you’re all doing something nice.

What are you plans? How are you feeling? How was last night? Shoot

Me, I’m working :confounded::frowning:

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Is this your first (and a few other disers?) Father’s Day?

Hope work is quick and painless for you.

I’m feeling good, slept well.
I’m gonna go for a run, wash my bike, eat food and nap. :+1:

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It’s my second, but I really don’t remember much about this time last year


Happy heteronormative parenting day! :wink:

Mini-toes was very restless last night with lots of feeds and wees. Brought her down to sleep on me at 5 to give the TV a chance to crash.

Currently working out our finances - thrilling start to the day…


Happy Dad’s Day to all the DiS daddies out there (ew that sounded pervy, sorry), you’re all a GBOL! :partying_face:

Today is mostly a life admin day. Got to nip into town to do groceries and pick up contact lenses and get laundry sorted and stuff. Being responsible is always so hard.

Really wish the weather would stop being complete shite.

Someone remind me to call my own dad later, k?


Morning :wave:

Enjoying a lie-in of sorts as Mrs CCB and the girls are busying around downstairs getting Father’s Day things prepared. I had to get up briefly to open the window as I did a guff of almost Epimerian vintage.

Btw this is what it must feel like to be Theo

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I’m in Gothenburg at a conference. My children are not. At least I can get a few nights guarantees sleep!


This is how it feels to be smaaaaalllllll


why am I up?


Ready for HGATR

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See you later, HGATR!


I am hay fever. Pretty sure actually the pollen making my eyes stream and my nose run from the moment I got up are actually tiny parasites trying to take over my mind, starting by incapacitating and overwhelming me into a drowsy state of helplessness. If you see me posting in praise of our plant elders you know they have won. Nice knowing you all.


Work in a bit. Short day though, then I’ll pop round and see ol’ Pa Funkhouser for a bit. Really not feeling getting out of bed though.



Hi Rich-T and pals,

Why the heck am I awake?!
Omg Winnie just sneezed and it was adorable.

That’s about it.
Oh yeah! I think we’re watching the Hannah Montana movie later. Fuck yeah.



was out for a long time yesterday riding a bike and now i can barely move my legs :upside_down_face:

will be doing very little today i suspect

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Up at my parents to see my dad for Father’s Day. My kids are at their mum’s so decided to visit in person for once.

It’s half sunny and I can see hills through the window. Pub lunch later :beer:

All right. Running a 10k this morning, then flying to Barcelona for work this evening.

Morning all!

I had a lie-in of sorts as Wor Lass got up at half six to attend to The Child. I got up an hour later and she went back to bed.

I was given a homemade woolly hat and a bottle opener.

We’re going out for lunch with one of the baby group families. It’ll be fine.