Hiya. still up. Here’s a Spanish meme regarding the weather for you. I live in Rivendell:


hey proffers

I’m 50km into a 300km bike ride


I’m drunk


looks awesome. where?

Woke up on the sofa an hour ago. Not been able to sleep since.

Really could have done with waking up later than this.

Why am I awake

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Hi :wave:

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  • go to the shop for milk
  • have coffee without milk
  • just stay in bed

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  • live your entire day on the whim of DiS polls
  • STFU

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Gonna go out for a run before it’s too warm (it’s already too warm)

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Going to try and blast this tiny hangover away before work by watching Lizzo’s Glastonbury set.

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Was pleasantly hazy enough last night that it sent me to sleep without the heat or neighbour music bothering me, thanks alcohol!

Would love to go out on my bike before it gets unbearable outside but too much mumming to do first. No real plans today other than maybe getting the paddling pool oit for R.

Fucking hell this is good.

Morning all :wave:

Made it back from the wedding last night - decided to drive back yesterday evening and got home about 11.30pm. Had to take a diversion as the M27 was closed, but on the plus side we drove past:

  • a village called Jacks Bush
  • a village called Nether Wallop (I could just imagine Pervo or Kermo saying “he could Wallop my Nethers any time!”)
  • a camping and caravanning site called Sandy Balls.

I probably need to unpack my feelings a little bit at some stage as it was a really tough day. Our girls absolutely aced being bridesmaids though.


Hope you’re ok pal, just pop me a DM if you need to get it off your chest to some neutral ears.


You’re just asking to start Hampshire Village Chat with this one.



what am i eating you ask? why, i’ll tell you. i’m having eggs and cabbage. why am i doing this? that’s a great question


Because you’re in prison?