Morning everyone. I’ve got the boy and am going to watch him play rugby. Then over to Gloucester for an Albert Hall rehearsal.

Wrote this last night.

What you up all to? Something gay no doubt.


Classic Kyle.

I’m definitely doing gay. Just gave the TV a right old smooch.


Sausage sandwich for breakfast :man_shrugging:


Just want to point out it was a Simpsons reference. Nothing malicious intended.

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Started new series of Preacher last night. Tulip is so much the coolest.

If only I was going to have more kids, little Elvis and Tulip would be so brilliant.


Got to get up and go to work in a minute. Don’t want to. That’s about it for now.

Also hi @Mistersteve hope you are doing as well as you can be. Xx

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You didn’t tell me you got home okay!!!

It was gone 2.30 when the train got in. Didn’t wanna wake you up

Hello…mistersteve…you’re quite good at…turning me…on!


Fixed :blush:

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Having hash browns in the freezer is dangerous

Just weighing up wether to go lift weights or go try the new yoga studio
Can’t really be arsed for either but should get out of the house today


Got to sleep at gone 2:30 this morning having written the Hendon match report in the twilight hours.

Had a good one yesterday, drove to Dorchester for Hendon’s game, had a pint and a chat with @AcceptanceIII, a fine man, and still wondering quite how we won 3-0 after such a dismal first half showing.

Long drive home but with a gorgeous sunset in my mirrors.

Today, picking the kids up at 11. Not much happening otherwise, maybe a swim.

Want a bad breakfast…


I thought today was my Friday, but then I remembered I’m working tomorrow as well.

The third series takes a while to get going but thought the second half was bonkers in the most brilliant way! Tulip gets much more to do this season also. Merry viewing!

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Morning folks.

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being away.

Trying to have a low energy morning so that Jimbo isn’t knackered when it comes to his swimming lesson at 12. Also trying to have no tv since he’s been glued to screens for too long recently. So far we’ve had all the books, Dino Dominoes, and a bit of Marble Run. Still got another two hours to kill though.

Hopefully trying the new tap room near me this afternoon.



Woke up and had an amazing, massive breakfast in our B&B on Skye. About to leave to walk The Quiraing and explore various other hilly sights. It’s rainy af but loads of rainbows so can’t complain :rainbow:


Tad, but more tired than anything