Pics from last night

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Good morning.

I am on a train.

that looks fucking good.

there’s a new yoga class at my gym, been meaning to give it a try as i think i could really do with some flexibility work

People are not respecting the quiet carriage.

I had no toast tho - waaah

Yeah I’m hoping for some more flexibility, core stuff and just general stretching out. I can see the back door of the new yoga studio from my bedroom window so I have no excuse not to go loads really. It’s gonna be my winter thing!

Son has a religious event today. Will be wearing grey suit,blue shirt and pink and white pokadot tie. In Costa and other son has just eaten 80% of the bacon from my bacon sandwich and then used me as a human serviette. Tfl

Ottolenghi is cooking up something amazing looking with leeks and spinach and eggs on Sunday Brunch. Want.

Gotta do a tip run and will then have a couple of ales. Power Sunday.

Hungover. At the tail end of 4 boozy nights in a row and feels The Sads.

Birthday pancakes




Happy birthday safebruv. Hope you have a lovely day :+1:

Bout to head to the pub to meet some ATDs, drink lots of Guinness and watch lots of golf.

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Thanks Slicky. I’m doing ok. Just been to watch my lad ‘play rugby’, and now we’re lunching.


Slept for 12 hours, now gonna eat some potato waffles and eggs

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October/Stoptober starts tomorrow. Best get fucking trollied today eh lads oi oi.



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happy birthday bud x

oh shit it’s the world champs today isn’t it

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I’m drinking tea, reading the papers and listening to jazz. This a perfect Sunday so far.

I’m spending the day at my parents house turning my old room upside down looking for a video tape, it’s of a friend who died 20 years ago next Friday, really feel like if I can’t find this tape I’ve let him down. Have loads of missing videos so was sure I’d find them all together, but I’ve found some many boxes of videos that have given me hope but turned out not to contain it, think all my other videos are accounted for now so it’s becoming less likely I’ll find it, probably put it somewhere ‘safe’