Sunglasses thread 😎 😎 😎



It’s the summer (in a way), what’re you wearing team? I’ve been a strictly Clubmaster guy for the past 5 years or so but I’m thinking of trying out some Ray Ban Gatsby’s but I’ve got the feeling I’ll look a total prick in them:


Got a pair of these in the car

Just got some generic aviatory type things for holiday and that.


Noice. Good for the :cricket: as well those.


Have about three pairs of knockoff tortoise shell Wayfarers. They’re fine.


have just ordered a pair of knock-off ones


Sit slightly askew on my face as I stepped on an arm when they fell off of my head a couple of years ago.


just some H&M cheapo ones


Oh, I do have a pair of real Ray-Ban aviators I inherited from a crazy aunt, but I just don’t think they suit me like Wayfarers do.


link plz, really want some


I had some decentish ones with polarised lenses for playing :cricket: until I faceplanted whilst fielding and split my eyebrow/smashed them.

That said, they’re pretty good for a fiver.


Yep, this. Get a pair of knock-off wayfarers from River Island/H&M for £5-10 until I inevitably lose them, rinse repeat


Pink rimmed Ray Ban knock offs with diamante gems, obviously.


And a Lords cap cameo


A Lords snapback? WANT.


Yeah, just like watches, I can’t bring myself to spend a lot on them as they’ll just get lost / damaged.

Also, the whole industry is a monopolistic sham run by Luxottica who probably make every pair posted in this thread.


And a pair of these Radar Paths for bike wankery. Can’t find the exact lenses, but they’re iridescent


bought these for halloween a few years ago when i dressed as Bob Dylan. still wear em

they were pretty cheap, i don’t know what kind they are


Standard black wayferers. Got them pretty cheap in the US.

Here’s my son modelling them a few years ago:


will let you know how shit they are when they turn up


Got these but I only seem to wear them in ten minute bursts cos I feel silly
love them though