Sunhunter - Holidays in late Feb/March

Me & the TV have to use up some annual leave and I want some HEAT! what sort of reasonably priced yet totally tropical destinations exist at this time of year?

Failing that, where is just nice to go on holiday? Thanks for helping with my incredibly vague request.

Canary Islands are usually sunny and warm(ish) that time of year. Western Turkey too.

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Sri Lanka - cheap once you get there and very gd

I, too, am being forced into going somewhere warm in that period, so will be following this thread keenly.

Alternatively, I’m open to suggestions on how to get out of it. Don’t really like going on holiday. Definitely don’t like going to holiday to warm places. Can’t wait.

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can get flights for under £500 easy and dont book a hotel as you can get very nice beach side accommodation for £20 a night once you are there

Good shout. Might look into some Tenerife action

I find that idea a bit terrifying, but thanks!

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Cannot imagine the stress of flying halfway around the world without somewhere to stay sorted. I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about it.

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Same! I’d get taken advantage of by cowboys and pay £300 per night for sure.

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Probably wouldn’t even be a real ranch.

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whats wrong with holibobs?

This is just ranch dressing! Where’s my BED?!

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I went to Sri Lanka last February and it was the first time I’ve been anywhere like that.

It was honestly the best holiday I’ve ever been on.

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I did half and half in Sri Lanka. I wouldn’t go without sorting my first few nights out. Then you move on and you can go on wifi the day before and find somewhere or just turn up although if you just turn up, you’re going to pay way more than you should and have the hassle of going round and looking in rooms and being like “ew no thanks”

  1. Travel anxiety
  2. General anxiety at being in unfamiliar places
  3. Forrins
  4. I don’t have enough free time to indulge in my hobbies as is, and all of them involve stuff at home.

thats told me

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I had this conversation quite recently actually, saying that when I was backpacking and stuff I’d be fine with having nothing booked in advance and just turning up somewhere and seeing what happens, but now I find that idea really scary. I hate getting older.

This year we are going to Malaysia! We like to do holidays in Feb/March and then again in October so we can be in London for summer (and prime golfing time for my bf)
Flying direct to KL with BA for like £450. Going to KL, Ipoh, Penang and Langkawi. Can’t wait.

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I’ll give you something to get stuck into then: I especially don’t like going on holibobs to somewhere warm because there’s a very large overlap* between places that are warm and places that are fucking boring holiday destinations.

*[citation needed]

Truly Asia.