Sunkist is back

Had a lemon one yesterday as part of a catered lunch and my wife said she saw a littered can on the floor.

Thought you might like to know.



I like the can design


was expecting pogs


was the littered can yours? I hope not!!

Bit late to “drink it in the sun” now that we’re heading into autumn.

I put mine in a recycling bin like a true citizen of the world.

I really wanted the tropical one but I was beaten to it by a subordinate.

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Very sunny today though. Although I drunk mine in a windowless conference room.

let me tell you a thing or two about seasons, rob.orch

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They aren’t asking me to drink it in the short lived winter glow @anon50098204! Before long we’ll be leaving for work in the dark and going home in the dark.

Looks like one of those tins of beer that cost £3.80 each

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Drink it in the sun
Sunkist is the one!

Lemon - ok
Summer fruits - vague
Orange - classic
Tropical - vague

So it doesn’t appear that Sunkist Citrus is back based on that photo (from memory it was a mix of orange, lime and grapefruit). It was the best Sunkist and, for that reason, I’m out.

Sunkist: Someone who irrationally hates Sunks.

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Tropical is a standardised juice flavour

I do not like the can design.

I like it, especially the lemon one. It’s obviously not a classic, like old Pepsi cans are:



thanks for the heads up, will keep an eye out for it

vaguely related: had a strawberry Fanta while I was on holiday last week - wasn’t the greatest but wasn’t horrible, 6/10

Oh, what a world. That’s a 375ml can too, glory days.