Sunnnn) day


What are your plans for Sunday?

Hope it does nae rain.

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Morning. Been up since like 2am, think I crashed out at 7pm after a sesh with the ladzzz

Both kids in my bed last night and so had about 20% of king size bed. Oldest awake at 6am. 2 year old still asleep(!)
No ideas what’s happening today but must be more productive than yesterday’s slobfest

Morning. About to get a train to Hemel to watch my nephew play football. I am an extremely good uncle.


That was a lot of drinking yesterday.

Now to cycle to work.

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Pal coming to hit a workout in an hour in t’garden which will be ace as I’ve not seen her for months this arvo. I got one of my freelance projects (that are very important to me outside of charity work) to smash through. And then I will have a power nap until the mrs gets back from her big ol hike.

Morning all!

I’m hopefully going to the gym today. I need to do some work for tomorrow but it should be quite minor.

Work dread will be increasing exponentially over the course of the day.

Morning. Why am I awake? Irked.

I need to nip out and get some onions and possibly some other bits this morning, but it’s Sunday isn’t it, shops aren’t open yet. Could go for a couple of hours on the bike but I did a Very Long Ride yesterday and I’ve got a case of the can’t be arseds, even though I’ll feel better for it. What shall I do, DiS?

The afternoon: De Ronde! And also getting some bathroom flooring fitted.


4-8 sleep. Tired. Family are visiting in separate waves. So that’s it really

Don’t like the way on Slack they’ve added user avatars next to the usernames in the list of users on the left, makes it harder to see at a glance who is online

Also that strange decision to put the Active/Away option behind a click of the small circle beneath your own avatar top-right. It’s a small surface area to click for such an important function

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I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
When I shagged you

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:sweat_smile: good old nottingham


Walked through an empty Glasgow city centre at 10 last night was a bit depressing, would have probably have been saying the same thing if it was mad busy though.

Gonna make seitan and roast some vegetables.

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I’m child free, so thought I’d have a lie in.

However - woken up by a text from the builder to say that he’s on his way over because ‘things are tight and gotta keep moving’.

Thing are only tight because he didn’t show up during the week.

Good good.

Still, leftover pizza for breakfast.


He’s not the builder from peep show is he?


Beginning to wonder if he’s a builder at all.

(completely unrelated - but huge congratulations by the way).

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Gonna take the dog to a beach.

Gonna have a lie in and up some coffee first.

Gonna have nice seafood for dinner.

Dog shit again, this time in the tassels of the rug in the kitchen. Get the absolute fuck out of my house you fucking disgrace

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Don’t know who this is but sounds like a prick

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Morning :sunflower:

Got no plans beyond a bit of work.

Didn’t go for a walk yesterday as it looked too grey and yuck so might force kids out for a stroll despite it still being grey as otherwise they get very antsy…

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