Sunnnn) day


Had a dream that I was an incompetent drug mule.

Already watching the Tour of Flanders. That is all.

I’ve just woken up from a dream in which I replied to this post, telling you about my first boyfriend who was from Hemel and liked Meatloaf.

Give Hemel my love.

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Anglos a Sunday!

The shopping is due some time in the next 45 minutes, and I’m cooking a roast later. No other plans apart from that. No doubt we’ll get out the house at some point. It feels like the season to go for a stomp in the woods, but most of the car parks are closed up at Stanmer.

:smiley: oh I like aitch, he’s funny IMO


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Goooooood morning, DiS!
One is in a fabulous mood today. Positively sprang out of bed, small woodland animals flocked to sit on my shoulders as I whistled a delightful tune.
Had a quick static cycle, had a shower, world’s my oyster. Have plans to go and sit in my Stepmum’s garden (with her of course, not on own), then coffee with a pal, perhaps gym, ooooh I can do anything I please with the right attitude, a low temperature and a mask in my handbag.
Gonna finish an assignment tonight, made some cracking headway. Loving reading about Freud, the dirty old bollocks. AND there’s a kinder beuno in the fridge. What a time to be alive. I’m in such a good mood that all I can hear in my head is a mariachi band.
Take care now everyone, be good x


Woke up to this view of my cat, I missed them soo much :two_hearts: the other one was at my feet

Also my next door neighbours (of 21 years) dogs were barking at 2.45 am and then the mum was running down the stairs yelling WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?? Thought they were getting burgled but they settled down


Please can I have some of whatever @kermitwormit’s had?

Motivation levels are low here

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woke up feeling doom and gloom and doom and gloom,

your post has inspired me to handle my sunday with FAR more positivity than i had originally anticipated

thanks kw!


Morning all, I definitely slept too late this morning but have been up and at it for a hour or so now, doing the household bitbobs in preparation for some kind of roast later. We did movie night last night (Muppet Treasure Island) and there was so much discarded popcorn in the lounge just now, my word. Got some work to do to stave off le dread, otherwise merry Sunday!

:smiley: I am so glad!! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday, OTH. You deserve it x


Nowt to do until 12 when I’m off to the gym. Might go see the big lad again


maybe the burglis gave them doggy treats to settle them down :thinking:

that’s how they do it in the films





Did a lol at how incompatible I am with this person on hinge


Right because you’re a neo conservative

Just straight up fash tbh


Fash: yes
Haircuts: Proper
Bant: Bus


He’s fuming there the little upstart

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