Sunnnn) day


Walk round Saltwell Park in Gateshead earlier


Only an hour more of work to do! Then I’m ready for tomorrow’s, um, work. Yay?

Gonna eat some pasta in a bit, that might help

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eh, no

more seriously, used to have CD-Rs of the first two albums but got rid when I moved house a couple of times ago. quite enjoyed them at the time, it’s not impossible i’d enjoy them again. Shiver (is that right? Parachutes track 2) was a great song

That’s exciting. the original cast is iconic though

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Cornershop - England Is A Garden it is

Never listen to Cornershop beyond Asha, should I?

Yes. Yes you should.

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I’m odd in that the ramshackle lo-fi guitar experimentation of Woman’s Gotta Have It is my favourite. 7.20am Jullandar Shere is one of the best songs ever, full stop. When I Was Born For The Seventh Time (with the original non-Fatboy Slimmed Asha) is lovely but dare I say it overrated; Handcream For A Generation is very underrated and (IMHO) contains the only truly amazing thing Noel Gallagher did in the 14 minutes of Spectral Mornings. The collab album with Bubbley Kaur is beautiful Punjabi pop, not got the 2010s singles, the new album is brilliant. Albums I haven’t mentioned already are fine, take or leave

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:hushed: :open_mouth:

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Ffs I expected a rec for a song or two, but a whole playlist :wink:

My listening for the week sorted anyway!

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Just incredible. Apparently they played it for 20 minutes live on occasion. Heaven :slight_smile:


GOAT. I still wish I was in the coven, it came out when I was about 12 and I spent many teenage Saturdays trawling the witch shop in Bluewater as a result


To be honest though the resurgence of witchcraft in the last few years has been brilliant, even if I don’t actually believe in any of it. I spent hours the other day on Pinterest reading about transmutation circles - transmutation!!! That stuff isn’t real! - including one that supposedly baked a loaf of bread. Just brilliant.

Omg found it

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It’s so good. Probably not seen in like 20 years. Used to watch a lot cause my sister had it on video. The hair falling out didn’t scare me this time cause she’s a racist.

So cool

remember to wear a mask


It didn’t work out for me and I stopped fairly quickly and was put on Pregablin which worked perfectly. Sadly with meds it can be a bit of trial and error until you get the thing that is right for you and I know people whose lives have been transformed by Sertraline so it clearly works for a lot of people so I hope it does for you. If things get intense you can try lowering the dose before considering tapering off completely. Hope you feel the benefits soon, pal.

thanks, yeah i’m only 2 days in but the nausea is really unpleasant and making it harder to function than i was before. i was prescribed 50gm but noticed the leaflet advised anxiety sufferers to start at 25mg so i might try half a pill the next couple of days and see how it goes. otherwise i might knock it on the head as i feel like the side effects are adding to the stress that i could be dealing with better without meds