☀ 2017 Holibob Thread 🌴



I’m feeling MEGA doom and gloom so we’re gonna book our 2017 holiday this week.

2016 Holidays have been amazing. We had Sri Lanka, Paris and USA Road Trip. I also did New York. Not sure how to top this year.

Thinking about Cuba or Japan. Anyone been to Cuba?


I’ve heard good things about Cuba. Someone here did it for their honeymoon recently, right?

We have booked two holidays already, a weekend in Barcelona as a trial run for travelling with a baby, then off to the US at the end of May for a friend’s wedding.


Went to Cuba on my honeymoon matey, would definitely recommend. It can be quite an infuriating place at times but you kind of forget that when you’re listening to some jazz and sipping on a daiquiri.


Gonna try and do the Lisbon derby (Derby da Capital/O Clasico) next April


SWITZERLAND (snowboarding, laax) in March
HOLLAND (eurocamp) in June


Hoping to do Copenhagen, Israel and Iceland (again) next year. Oh and maybe a wedding in Lithuania.


Managed to not go on a summer holiday this year, but don’t think I can avoid being dragged to somewhere warm in 2017. Rubbish.


Oh, and I’ve got that Macedonia trip to look forward to, too.


lake garda* or sorrento* in april
barcelona in late august for a weekend

tips on either of these two places welcome btw


I went to cuba years ago, really enjoyed myself. Spent majority of our time in havana which is great, also went to varadero, not so great and Cinefuegos which i really liked as well.


in desperate need of a holiday, man. only had a quick hop over to Vienna this year. damn!

got a jazz plan cooking for next year though. buy a van that’s livable, hop over on the roscoff ferry, drive around europe until the van explodes and get a flight home.

also got a september Italian oddysey thing cooking with one of my friends. something like - fly to Sorrento, spend a few day there, hire car, drive to Naples, few days, drive to Rome, few days, drive to Florence, few days, then fly the fuck home. might have Florence and Rome the wrong way round, but that’s the rough plan


my parents have been (only place they’ve been to that’s outside of europe, they went as part of a wedding party). my mam holds it up as the best place she’s ever been.


So far booked but for work, sort of:

Looking to book up some snowboarding maybe in feb, perhaps in chamonix.
Probably go over to pollensa at some point, dunno what else.


I wanna go Copenhagen and going Iceland in Jan


dam Milan

Mute functions

Genuine Q: I booked NYC last year for May, will still be OK to go right after yesterday’s antics?

I am anot angry white male, so should be treated as some kind of demigod?


i haven’t been on holiday for nearly 9 years. there’s talk of me going to italy next year but i dunno how i’ll afford it. will have to get a passport first, lol.


It’ll be fine.


Probably should try and get over my 4 years and counting crippling fear of flying for the baby to go somewhere warm. Although I do like having holidays around Britain to be honest and can have just as much fun exploring.


Just Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast? Sorrento’s nice but there isn’t a huge amount there, so I’d recommend renting a car and going across to Positano and the town of Amalfi itself if you’re there for a few days.