Sunny Friday in August day thread

Morning all,

I’ve been awake on and off since about 3am with naps of between 15 mins and 40 mins as baby allowed. Gonna be a coffee fueled day. Got Waterbabies this morning then im finally off to the (new) hairdressers this afternoon.

How are you all? Sunny where you are? Plans for the day?


Morning. hope yr doing ok x

I’m tired too. Late shift, early morning


Funeral this morning, nothing else planned

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Think i have covid again and it’s fucking me off

Only got it for the first time 4 months ago :sob:


I’m off work but was woken at the usual time :black_cat:

Gonna do some tidying and whatnot. Got a couple of lovely people staying for Pride weekend. :beer::metal::rainbow_flag:


Today is my mega-Friday as I’m off work next week. Got one meeting to get through then I’m burying the work laptop in the garden.


Crap nights sleep. Missus is off on holiday for a week so I’m making a nice breakfast and starting work a bit late


Started work early - currently listening to Ministry at ear-splitting levels to keep me motivated.

Once I’ve done the bare minimum I’m taking the rest of the morning off to go on a hike with the dogs / take the youngest daughter mudlarking.

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So rainy :cloud_with_rain:

Absolutely soaked.

Have a poetry thing booked over lunch in Leeds but my boss has moved our meeting so looks like I’m not going :broken_heart:

Feeling a bit lonely today, and full of dread, would love a little cuddle before work in the mornings. The cat wasn’t interested.

Morning lovelies

Meeting up for cups of tea with friend this morning then taking dog for a good walk. Ocado delivery, pizza, wine, sleep.

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Good morning all

Had a good sleep and a bit of a lie-in but somehow feel even more tired this morning

Yes. Seems quite a bit cooler this morning though.

Take the dog for a walk and mow the lawn are the main ones. Should probably do some sort of planning for our little holiday next week.

Guess ill get up and work in the other room for a bit.

Half day, meeting gf (and her cousin and niece) in Hamilton for a late lunch

Morning everyone, my last day before holidays for a week! Excited but also I have a lot to do, scream.


I’m in the Amsterdam office today but had forgotten that George Ezra will be doing a live session in the radio station upstairs, so there might be the worst kind of noise bleed going on.

Surveyor coming today but they can’t give any indication of time, even when I said not knowing even a rough time frame makes me anxious :roll_eyes:

Also means I potentially can’t walk the dogs until late afternoon which is going to be hell given the spaniel is already kicking off :roll_eyes:

In summary :roll_eyes:

Obviously this wasn’t supposed to be a reply to @ma0sm :roll_eyes:

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Morning all

The weather here is :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:

I’ve already popped out to the shop because once again we were out of milk. One day I’ll sort out getting a delivery.

My day will be spent parenting - there’s talk of going to the park this morning, and the cinema to see Super Pets this afternoon. BUT it is a Friday, so Jimbo will have to have a pint outside the Basketmakers too. I hope he likes Hophead


Had a 2 hour nap at 9pm last night which meant i couldn’t sleep last night and am pretty tired today.

Friday breakfast club has started in the new kitchen area of the communal area of the flats i live in so i’ve had a free breakfast and can do every friday now if i can be bothered, then came back saw it was the Oedipus episode of Frasier so watched that and started work late.

Really glad the footballs back, won’t be on sunday evening

Didn’t sleep well at all and got a fucking load of work to do. BUT it’s Friday and I think we’re going to the pub later.

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is gympass good if you can get it for 7.99 - 12.99. its too late i’ve done it already

  • Do work now
  • Just add it to Sunday dread/Monday stress

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Morning! Chirpier this morning than I have been recently and as a result have done the laundry, written a Thank You card, played a good round of fetch with the cat, had breakfast and done a full skincare routine :star_struck:

I’m gonna finish some emails :computer: before a meeting at 10:30, and then get some admin :nerd_face:done between 11 and 12, 1 hour of meetings and then lunch :sandwich: and then I can pretty much relax this afternoon :sunglasses: