Sunny Monday thread

Morning all, hope you had lovely weekends.
The sun is shining here - shame it didn’t put so much effort in over the weekend, the shit! Awaiting the delivery of a new bed then off to Amsterdam for a few days for work.
What’s poppin’ with you?

Glorious weather in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Off to cycle up some cobbled hills. Bricking it.


Good luck!

Edit: your interview is for tomorrow - hold on the good luck


Really f’ing tired. So much so that I wrote Realling first

Feel terrible. Got an MRI this morning. Truly can’t be arsed. Least it’s sunny eh


Cracking day yesterday. A lot of sunshine and a few beers

Actually, it’s not all bad



I’m enjoying that feeling of no longer being hungover - it was warm enough to cycle to work without a jacket, and my day isn’t looking too unreasonable. Also, this came on shuffle this morning:

I’m sure that things will deteriorate from here but it’s nice to enjoy a moment of calm.


V tired from staying up watching twin peaks but have coffee and think i may make it if im lucky. Got a deadline though and dont think ill make DiSmeat tonight. Sorry all!

Great song!

Monday blues pretty low for me today, probably because I didn’t go out this weekend and also have a Switch arriving today! :smiley:

Wfh because I’m meant to have a counseling session online in one minute’s time. Then work, then pubrunner.

ooh would you look at that now


Yep. that’s exactly the song I would have picked…



… ah. whoops. :stuck_out_tongue:

my brother sent me this recently, I’m pretty predictable


Ho ho ho…

I won the ‘Employee of the month’ type thing for my area of the business for April.

‘Extremely dedicated’ and ‘very positive attitude’ amongst other things, apparently.

I get a £50 shopping voucher anyway…


A man on the Tube this morning was using a pokemon card as a bookmark. It was a shiny kabutops. Stylish.
I’m very tired also. Reached a new level of laziness buying a new work shirt instead of doing laundry yesterday but it meant I could spend all day stoned in the sun which was lovely. Weather looks cracking this week and I have tomorrow off, so let’s be having itttttt.


First day working in Geneva, here for the next three weeks. Waiting for a bus and it is SCORCHIO. Gonna be a bit late which isn’t really good form for the first day but from previous experience there’s probably no work for me yet anyway so I doubt anyone will care.