Sunny saturday thread

mornin’ DiSers

I woke up at half 5 having gone to bed at about 11 last night. Might try do some exercise, then go to lidl nice and early for supplies

Today will be good, first bbq of the summer, the bbq we have is big and was thoroughly cleaned recently.

Who’s doing a bbq today? Who will be the first to post a pic of them drinking?

Think I’ll crack this open when the bbq guests arrive (gotta wait 8 hours for that, boo-urns)


Warm out

Yesterday was mental warm and being in a top floor flat with loads of windows it turns into an oven. Hoping it’ll be slightly less toasty today. Sadly, no BBQs on the horizon.

Haha it’s raining! Enjoy suckers!

(I’m at work all weekend)

It’s wet here too, massive storm last night - literally constant lightning for ages, it was amazing. My weekend is a mixture of work and the in-laws visiting, but enjoy your sunny BBQs (not at all bitter).

want to :bicyclist: but it’s meant to rain quite a lot later. might do it tomorrow instead and just fuck about today.

no bbqs planned.

edit: had the fan on all night trying to cool down

Still feeling the effects of jetlag and an overnight flight back from Chicago. Went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 5am.

Got a physio appointment this morning, and later Woman’s Hour and My Sad Captains are playing as part of a local music festival five minutes from my house.

Waiting at Hamburg airport to fly home and dying. "Yeah I know we’ve gotta get up early but I’m not tired and these cocktails are great"
Well done safebruv



Exactly the same for me this morning, bed about 11 up at 5.30. Got a bit of the old thunder and lightning, but it’s dead sunny now. Driving to Sheffield (ish) later on for a good friend’s 30th (homebrew beer festival on a farm). Staying in Buxton for a couple of nights afterwards so it should be a lovely weekend

I’m totally awake

Maybe I’ll go get the papers

Get the papers


this reads like you’ve spent the night with our old columbian friend, and are now at the stage where you’re just twitching and shouting at yourself in the mirror


Funnily enough I was woken up about a half hour ago by a pal sending me photos from another pals weddin. Where we were all loaded with our old Colombian friend and behaving disgracefully :grinning:


Good morning. Mega hot. Gonna walk to newstead abbey and back then head to a family BBQ. Might get smashed.

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Sounds like a solid plan :+1:

Morning all . Got some nice thunder and rain last night, sun is out again now.

Kids been up for an hour, very pleased they are now of an age where they come down, make breakfast and play FIFA independently so I get a lie in…

Got to clean the house today.:unamused:

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I need to give the flat a good clean but can I be fucked, can I fuck.

Happy Saturday team DiS.

Heading out to play golf in the sunshine (Liam Gallagher style).
Followed by football then more football.