Sunny SATURDAY Thread

:heart_eyes: what a dog


According to Wor Lass: Warm but not as warm as yesterday in Glasgow.

Going home today :sob:

Cock rot farm


I love him, what a beautiful little guy.

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I’ve been married for nine years today. What the nuts. Probably gonna go to Newport later.


Feeling pretty good, gotta go return library books today and see some pals for - what else could it be - a walk in the park and BBQ. Already seen Drag Race so I can move through the day without fear of spoilers.

But the biggest thing is that I’ve decided to treat myself to a new notebook for payday. Really get into stationery chat, find it very relaxing to go on youtube and listen to people flipping through empty notebooks talking about paper quality and ink bleed through, so after all my research I have decided to look for some Pilot pens and a Lechtturm 1917 notebook. Gonna go to the real life shops and look out for one, who knows? Maybe I’ll find one!


Hungover after being forcibly fed vodka shots, lucky I filled up on pierogi or i’d be in big trouble right now. Got another pub date later on, gonna try and force myself to go for a run before then but it might end badly.

I got my mum a Paperblanks notebook for her birthday and goddamn it was pretty and felt amazing

really like these ott ones with the fold over cover

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Watching friends anyone seen it?


It’s a Christmas miracle! My spots appear to have gone down rather than up :blush::dancer:

One of my bff’s is having a birthday picnic today. I’m making a spinach, leek and feta spanakopita, some spicy sweetcorn fritters and I think I’ll marinate some tomatoes too as she couldn’t get enough of them on our last picnic a few weeks ago :yum:

Got lots of strawberries…wondering whether to make something with them or just eat them.

  • Make/bake something with the strawberries :cake:
  • Have a bowl of strawberries with whippy cream for breakfast-pudding :strawberry:

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Hope everyone has a great weekend :tada:

Wife has hairdresser #bigevent
So the LADS are going into local town, maybe a cafe, a playpark and then have promised them packets of Pokémon cards from some card geek game shop nearby.

I’m sure it’ll suffice. The copious meat will keep me toasty.

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paella for breakfast. why not.


This is the combination I go for, fwiw. They’re nice notebooks.

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Waiting for my housemate to get out the shower, then we’re off for a trip out to Porthcawl. First time I’ve been outside Cardiff this year, I’ve just realised.

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Very excited for a hammock! I’ve decided this is the year I get one as well, been looking at one like this.

What have you gone for?

Yesterday had the problem of being warm in the sun, still freezing when in the shade


This lad.

Just arrived. This is not my house obviously…


That’s quite impressive observation on the dog looking up

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