Sunny Summer Evening Thread


Prosecco, rounders, cider, pub, nachos - what about you huns?


Mini Twister!


Was wondering when someone was gonna start the evening thread.

Went for a walk in the sun, ate a delicious salad on the roof, had a nice long shower and now probably gonna watch a film with the tv.


Got one of those lined up for later


Beer, world cup, pizza, ice lolly, looking after a baby


Made a dish which I’m calling a Spanglish Omlette and served with a tasty side salad.

Currently drinking decaf coffee and nursing my sunburn.


Celebrating it being my Saturday in the sun for once! Cheers DiS!


Peppers, potato and… sprouts?



Pasta w/garlic mushrooms, sun dried tomato pesto and some san marabou chucked in.

Did 2 hours work in a beer garden earlier, so probably won’t have another drink.

World Cup obvs.


Cycle, cricket/WORLD CUP, dinner (chicken with an Indian spices made up rub on it, curried aubergine, the tiniest of mini naan), Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing, Franzen’s ‘The Corrections’, bed.


I am imaging the tiny mini naan is about the size of a 50p coin (but still naan-shaped, obvs).


hi everybody!

Might go for a walk


Excellent combo, Laelfs

Halloumi, courgette and pepper kebabs (marinated in chilli, garlic and lime) with an absolutely banging tzatziki and a bit of salad. Football. Wine.


oh yeah I had some kinda spicy bean burger and chips for dinner


that looks bloody amazing


You’re not far off to be honest chief! It’s about the size of a mug coaster :confused:


Pasta and pesto motherfuckaaaaaaaa

Not pictured: kronie


Rubbing our faces in it too, outrageous.


Eating halloumi like…there is no halloumi shortage.