Sunny Sunday thread


What ya got going on?

Supposed to go to a bbq later but feel pretty awful, might just do nowt. Frasier and coffee before owt else though.


Alright ezzer? I’m in Warwick seeing some pals for the weekend. I think today we’re playing frisbee golf, or as I like to call it ASCII shrug. Going to the pub for a roast later and then schlepping my bicycle back to London.


I’m so badly sunburnt I’m going to have to stay indoors all day which sucks.


woke up about two hours ago with a hangover
had sex
made a really weirdly nice breakfast of asparagus, tomatoes, onions, a potato scone and olives fried in truffle oil served with a wholemeal pitta bread with peanut butter inside. with mustard.
parents are coming round in a bit to see the cat.
gonna show them around Oxford.
wish I could just have Frasier and coffee.


Reckon I’m going to be pressured into doing stuff outdoors today. Need to decide if I’m going to resist or just get it over with.


started taking Citalopram. should have done a few weeks back, but was hesitant.

maybe managed three hours uninterrupted sleep, and I have to go play football :"’(

listening to the Tim Darcy album (hey @Flashinglight ), it’s really good.


My tv box has decided that frasier is adult content and i cant remember what the pin number is :frowning2:


Whaddup DiS. Bit tired after last night’s shenanigans. Played a gig, went out afterwards. Dodged the after party though.

Going to meet the lady I’m seeing at one. Will buy the papers and have breakfast first though.


I got burnt on top of my bald head on Friday Bam so I feel for you.


Tim Darcy is supporting Angel Olsen on her tour here. Really looking forward to seeing him.


That breakfast sounds incredible.


Morning all

Last day in Devon- probably ready to go home now. It’s a lovely sunny day so we’re delaying our journey home til the evening. Going to go for a walk this morning, have roast lamb for lunch and then probably go to a park in the afternoon. In my head, this will involve sitting on the park bench with a cup of tea while the children play happily, but we’ll see about that.

Old Children’s Book Of The Day:


Hi. Was supposed to be doing a 6.5k run today but my tooth-hole woke me up with pain at 4am so fuck that. Nothing much on now today.


Morning all!

Terrible evening at Zimbabwean Independence event due to the twin evils of poor organisation and cynical pricing.

Going to Costco after midday.

Planning to make a cauliflower bolognese later.


oh wow, great bill :musical_note:

I mean, obv. Angel is amazing, but yeah, this Darcy record is really great too. I love the attention to detail - it’s beautifully recorded/mixed, too. and the songs are good ^ _ ^’


yeah the idea that being vegan is difficult is just stupid :tomato::fries::pineapple::curry::burrito::chocolate_bar::rice_cracker::hamburger::pear:


somebody bought my album today :slight_smile: thanks so much if it’s one of you lot!


Woken up at 9 on a Sunday by flatmates shrieking. Hmmmph.


anglos a dis

paris-roubaix today! yay. will be watching most of that. was going to go out for a bike ride first but that hasn’t happened. will try and go out later tonight instead, if i can shift my lazy arse.


Morning all

French sunshine is glorious today. Heading for the beach. Oysters for lunch straight off said beach. Taking a lot of books to a second band shop in the afternoon then a nice restaurant by the docks in the evening. Tomorrow the drive back but I like ferries so looking forward even to that!