Sunny Sunday Thread 😎


Morning all!

Bloody hell I feel rough, how on earth do some of you lot do this several times a week?! Lovely wedding last night, most of my ATDs were there so it was great to have a catch up and a boogie. Seem to have properly hurt my elbows from doing that thing where you spin people round really fast. Disco playlist was 2000s indie greatest hits, no Mr Brightside though believe it or not.

It’s really hot again so I’m going to try to do as little as possible. What are you all up to? Show me your Sunday breakfasts please.


Saying this for a third week in a row but I really need to stop drinking and not staying at mine when I have a course on Sundays


Thinly veiled etc etc


Morning team. Got some world cup climbing on the TV while I do a bunch of life admin. Just had a coffee. Think that covers everything.

Oh, and I’m listening to @andyvine’s album released yesterday. It’s well good - industrial funk vibes.


Got to get up and do some work.

Any minute now.


Huge thunderstorm last night. Didn’t sleep the best because of that. Having breakfast then driving to my parents as it’s me dad’s birthday. Doing a BBBQ.


Thunder/lightning was incredible. Much enjoyed it.



Stood outside for about 45mins watching it slowly roll in. One of my favourite things ever


Same. My house is on the side of a valley, and you could see the lightening approaching over the other hillside. Quite mesmerising.


Aaaaaany minute now.


Good morning everyone!!! What a glorious day! Having egg bagels and coffee shortly. Got no other plans today :man_shrugging:


Morning. Raining here. Still going for a canal walk.

Recorded myself reading some notes for my exam yesterday so going to listen to myself whilst walking so I don’t feel like it’s wasted study time :grimacing:


Fucking marathon means I need to get three buses home


Morning all!

It looked bright and warm when I got up with The Child at 7.00 but it’s cooled and darkened since.

Breakfast was pre-thread but these were the components:


Could run it


I was going to go for a bike ride in central but the London marathon might ruin that. Hope nobody gets hurt, it’s a lot warmer than usual


Love me some coffee sandwiches.


Coffee on toa…oh ffs Iron!


Ultra bulletproof coffee with butter AND biscoff spread. Will be a thing soon.