Sunny SUNDAY thread

Morning DiS. Coffee drill at work, grabbing a few minutes. Have a good and hopefully sunny Sunday.


Hope your work day is pleasant.

Big fan of Cannonball.

Got work to do.

Had a call at 4 in the morning that MrS dad has been taken into hospital so in a limbo where we can’t contact him etc. so going to be on edge all day.

Might watch Uncle. Looks fun.

Sending lots of love and hugs, hope he’s OK :kissing_heart: xxx


Hope that MrS dad is okay.

The TV show with Nick Helm? It’s good.

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Going to Camber Sands to jump off sand dunes and eat chips.


you can only listen to this song for 12 hours a week


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


The morning coffee, first thing, is the only truly enjoyable coffee of the day for me. Try as I might to recreate that magic with a mid morning or afternoon coffee it is never the same. It’s about time I accepted that.


I’d argue that 12.01am isn’t Sunday morning

Croissants are proving - breakfast will be ready for 1130.

Gonna need a pre breakfast

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Just started whipping up pancakes then realised we’re out of milk. ffs.


The problem with the dog having a routine is that he wants his breakfast a 6.45 on a Sunday morning. Need to teach him that we have a lie in at the weekend.

Managed to get back to sleep for another couple of hours once he’d done what he needed to do in the garden.

Just had some Welsh cakes with Biscoff spread on as breakfast.

Going to take him for a walk and probably suffer like hell with hayfever all day again.

We had all the ingredients but the first pancake welded itself to the frying pan. Emergency scraping and the use of butter saved the day though.

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Having some brioche toast with lashings of butter.


Oh my godddd. My flatmate connected to my shower speaker by accident while I was washing and he was watching porn!! So porn starting playing loudly in the bathroom. Thought 6 Music had gone rogue for a moment.


Morning all!

I had my lie in and then Wor Lass immediately went back to bed as soon as I was up.

The Child has football this afternoon.

I was hoping to cook a Green Pie that I found a recipe for but we may be having BBQ leftovers for the next week because Wor Lass refuses to cater for the number of people actually attending a BBQ.

Day off after three 12 hour shifts.

I’ll pick up my new glasses from the opticians later. It’s a slightly exciting day for glasses wearers (or at least me). It’s your new “face” for 18 months or so.

After that, yep, just films and might pop over for a cup of tea at my parent’s garden.


Anglos a Sunday folks.

Can’t stop thinking about having a private garden, can’t even afford a single lottery ticket though, much less to move. Curses!