Sunny Sunday

The sky looks glorious out this morning. It could be a good day for another walk in the country side. What are your plans for the day?

I was expecting a little hangover from meeting DiSers yesterday. But I’ve had a great nights sleep and no headache which I’d had lingering all week. I feel pretty good and happy.

I obviously should meet DiSers more often.


Good morning to you and I hope your day is pleasant!

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Hey ynot. Really pleased you had a good time yesterday. looked like a cracking day.

I’m driving down to Southsea for a seafront mooch, then over to my parent’s for a pre Birthday family meal.


Thank you, I feel daft for being so worried and anxious about going. Yesterday was lovely, the Holler taproom was especially nice.

Your day plans sound pretty solid. Have a nice day.


Morning! Off to work soon for another day of fun, early finish though so it’s not so bad. Might have a bbq later, not sure if I can be bothered though.

You should do the BBQ. I like having plans to get me through a day at work. Hopefully the weather will be ok for it.


Yeah you’re right. It’s meant to be ok later I think so I really should.

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A whole selection of All Time ATDs are going to be in town for a gig today and I am excited. :heart_eyes:


Have a nice time. Sounds like it should be a great day.

I’m not sure I’ve created a daily thread before. Hopefully I’ll be a good host.

Dunno why I’m awake.

Been through loads of the fringe programme. Like 200 pages. Waste of morning

Morning all! Ended up going out for Harbour Fest yesterday afternoon which was a really chill time. Meeting my BFF this arvo for the first time in like 2 months so very excited about that. Need to fit in life admin at some point as well, ugh.


It’s a lovely thread. It was very nice of you to lay out entrées!


Not a damn bean of coffee in the house either

I’m going out for a walk. The weather looks glorious out there.


Going to work :frowning:

It’s double pay :slight_smile:


Should be going Have Heart but oh well

Got a spa day booked purely so I can use the showers due to our broken boiler. Need to fit in three days worth of showers in one afternoon.


Morning @ynot and everyone else. It was meant to be Jimbo’s last ever Water Babies lesson this morning, but we’ve just had a text to say the chemicals in the pool aren’t right, so that’s off. There’s also two kids parties today. I might be able to swerve the lunchtime one, but I’ve got to drive to Lewes for the one at a Monkey Business in Lewes later. Pray for @rob.orch. The only saving grace is that it finishes at 7, which is roughly bedtime and Jimbo should fall asleep in the car on the way home.

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Sorry, the pool won’t be open today.