Sunshine Saturday

At last the sun is upon us and it is wonderful.

Been awake since half 6 so made tea, unstacked the washer and have come back to sit in bed and listen to the radio

Bit if a headache not sure if is vac or wine related or why not both?? :star_struck:

Going to the library and the book shop later.

What you up to??

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Morning Slicky and the rest of DiS :wave:

Currently still in bed but I need to get up and about. It’s the youngest’s birthday party today so I’m on general admin duties - shopping for the part lunch, making the lunch, generally helping our while Mrs CCB does the party hosting.

Not sure about this afternoon. The plan was to have pizza this evening but it’s beach weather. Might try to put up some kind of canopy in the back yard and just have a lazy afternoon at home.

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Just about to get up, feed the kittens and make a cup of tea.

Later I’m heading to the British Wildlife Centre, its only actually 15 minutes away from me so I’m not sure why I’ve never bothered going there before. It should be the perfect weather for it.

I’m also going to have lunch in a fancy cafe, they do the best scrambled egg. @Gnometorious reminded me last weekend when she created a poll about scrambled egg in cafes. That should be good too.


Morning all!

I was woken by seagulls at dawn their last album is shit but the early stuff still holds up and then The Child at 6.00. We’ve so far watched some episodes of Teen Titans on Netflix and a load of shit videos of children dressing as princesses while their parents try to construct a review stream from their offspring’s enthusiasm for merchandise on YouTube.

We have no activity plans at all today. Gymnastics had a T&T last week so it’s cancelled until next Saturday. We’ll definitely be out in the garden at some point.

Lil’ bike ride, as long as my bump isn’t in the way! Gonna go on the Woolwich Ferry and the Dangleway, perhaps too much excitement for one day, and then lunch in Greenwich hopefully.

This afternoon I need to go and pick up my friend’s spare office chair. Watch the TdF, and then collapse in a heap I suppose.

Morning all.

After a few days away, back working in the garden. Dug a hole yesterday evening, trying to find a pipe and figure out why the drainage is so bad. This morning will be sawing first, tidyng up, and then carrying on digging.

Need to figure out what to do with the pile of soil when we have visitors later.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Today I’m going to a proper restaurant and eating inside and everything for the first time in longer than I can remember, and I’m filled with equal parts of excitement and trepidation. It’s the Ivy too, so posh (for me, anyway). It’s a replacement for a friends 50th which didn’t happen last year, so we’ve got a room to ourselves and everyone will be doing lateral flows today.

Anyway, that’s not until tonight. I’ve got to take Jimbo to a party this afternoon so I’ll have to make sure he’s covered in sun tan lotion. Not sure what to do this morning, but I’d like to have a bit of time to myself this weekend somehow.


Git some reduced doughnuts fron the Co-Op last night so coffee and doughnut breakfast.

Bit of tidying.

Going to see sone Shakespeare in the Botanics this evening, outside so glad the weather is looking good.

Try finish ny book at some point


Good morning! Amazingly, as could only happen to me, I have woken up with massive hearing loss in both, which I imagine is due to an earwax build up. The GP is going to ring me back soon but i do think I’ll be due a trip to A&E today. What a beautiful holiday I am having

Good morning,

Of to the farmers market shortly then home for some yoga and gardening.


Niece’s first birthday party today. My cake looks awful but better than no cake I assume?


Feeling very rough despite not feeling very drunk at all last night. I’m going to blame second jab and not the delicious cans of cheapo pre-mixed gin.

It’s gymnastics then we’re supposed to be going to some friends’ for BBQ and more booze while kids play in the paddling pool.

Seen a job I quite fancy which closes tomorrow so will probably be designated driver so I can work on applying for that later.

Already too hot.


I was forced out of bed by by “someone” jumping onto my bed whilst making “I’m about to vomit up some grass I just ate” noises

Now I’m having a :banana: in the garden with the guilty party

Might do a bike, might pop round a friends this afternoon if there is time.

Going out for lovely Mexican for a second date tonight (Tlaloc for the Brighton folks).


Day 6 of isolation. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, airing out a tent. Might give myself a haircut. Bbq later I think.


I might practice pitching my new backpacking tarp in the garden but I’m not sure if my garden is big enough

Oh, my sister sent me a video of my nephew bouncing on a trampoline in the nud whilst eating an ice pop.

Then one of him spraying my mum with the hosepipe.


Get some party bags and give them a little souvenir of their visit?


Wor Lass has been to The Ivy in Glasgow twice since things reopened.

She’s obsessed with the Chocolate Bomb dessert.

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We didn’t have a garden in our flat in London and had to pitch a 4-man tent in the living room (which was also our kitchen and dining area) to air it out. Took up the whole room. Wouldn’t recommend