Sunsunsunsunday thread

It’s 9.35am and there’s no Sunday thread???

Parents still here so going to take the opportunity to use their car to Toolstation / B&Q / Aldi it up. Might ride my bike later when they’re gone but it’s gonna be 30° again ffs

Coffee coffee coffee


Fuck off heatwave


Going to see my parents
Going to look at sofas
Going to get the BBQ on

Woken at 5am - yet again - by next doors kids playing in their garden. Who lets their kids play outside at 5am when people are definitely going to be sleeping with windows open? Monsters. I was raging.

I’m going to have to have a word aren’t I?

Off to my mam’s for lunch. Not much else.

Would just like to add my (considerable) weight behind this opinion.

Nothing doing today. Might go swimming or mooch round town

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I’m going to St Andrews today.
Going to play golf at the Himalayas putting green then get some grub at the Old Course clubhouse (if they let me in wearing shorts).

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Morning everyone. Just got back in from a run. It was warm. Running through the fire-swept remains of Wanstead Flats was really eerie - like something out of a sci-fi film. I’m going to watch the hockey final on TV later today - we went to watch the semi final matches yesterday, and had a cracking view sat right behind the goal.

(no action shots, unfortunately, but you get the idea)

Got a bbq to attend with a bunch of my mums other halfs family and im dreading it. I have nithing in common with them and most of them are now with toddler and it just makes me feel like crap because yknow i do t gave a partner or a toddler and im not as succesful in life and yeah it just kind of triggers my depression and anxiety.

See if you can beat my appalling effort from a few months ago

I’ve been enjoying all the Irish tweets like this one:


pretty sure that would have beaten my score the last time i played the himalayas

anglos a sunday drowned in DiS

have a pretty lazy day planned today. the women’s euro champs road race is on and basically goes past my house so going to try and catch a bit of that. get some coffee & read some book and that’ll do me for today i think.

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Someone tell me what’s wrong with this house, other than it arguably being about £25k overpriced.

(guess what Big Discussions I’ve been having this morning?)

Is it ‘what house are we going to buy Duck?’

I want to go Pride but the thought of being alone in a big crowd when I’ve been having some anxiety days is not what I want. :frowning:

it’s in cambridge?


Honestly? Or is this where we say ‘nothing, buy it’?

I would like bacon, poached eggs, beans, toast, black pudding, haggis and a cup of tea please. Bring me this and I shall grant you three wishes.

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Dont like houses that look like that with the wood or whatever. Happy?

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And for that reason i SHALL NOT attend your housewarming. Thanks for the offer tho