Heya. I’m still in bed but my tummy is rumbling and I doubt I’ll get back to sleep.

Plans? I’m gonna sit about and rest after yesterday’s big bike ride. Read, Switch, eat, repeat.


I’ve barely slept and feel terrible.

I’m sorry to hear than barleyshugs. Would you like a coffee?


I’ll take you up on that in a few hours, thanks.

Everything hurts.


Morning all.

I have exciting news. Yesterday, I enlisted the help of the DiS hivemind to identify a tune that my youngest couldn’t name:

It wasn’t JT, Jamiroquai, Lady Gaga, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dance Monkey, Chic or Lykke Li. It was this:

@profk wins the prize! Excellent work.


Still awake. Helicopters flying overhead for hours now. Firecrackers going off close by.

This doesn’t sound good. What’s happening where you are?

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday…50 days have passed since Easter. Anyone got any eggs left?

In an attempt to stop myself Sunday drinking before going back to work tomorrow I drank all the wine i had last night. :wine_glass::wine_glass:🤷:laughing:
Feeling remarkably chipper considering.


Morning all

Protests and riots

Baby was up from 10:30 - 1:45 last night. Exhausted.

Morning all morning @plasticniki morning @colon_closed_bracket, shuggsy xcheopis rich and slicky John t aphex and everyone else.

This is a tune to be fair and I shoulda remembered it.


Morning. Up fairly early for me on a Sunday.

Coffee then a walk before it gets too busy out there.

I’d never heard of it. And as it was listed under a guy’s name, I skipped over it. Tune though.

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Hey pniks! Hope tou enjoy your day of relaxation and that your ride yesterday was good :blush:

Also hope everyone else enjoys their Sundays too of course.

I just woke up, and I’m going to see the horses today for the first time since lockdown :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There are even three baby horses that I’ll bemeeting for the first time!!! So excited. Going to have a nice long ride through the forest.


Workin’ today

Anglos a Sunday


I’ve developed a heat rash on my chest & shoulders. Quite annoying.

Morning, got up and went to the supermarket early, was a bit embarrassing in the alcohol aisle as a worker had to come up and tell me that I couldn’t buy alcohol for hours. I’m not an alkie, honest! PSA Feast ice lollies are half price. Now having a Sicilian lemon muffin for breakfast and enjoying everyone on Marr struggling with Killer Mike’s name/who he is