Super Bowl LIII


Now the Pro Bowl has slunk away for another year, there’s only one significant piece of football action left (until the AAF gets underway anyway!) The inescapable New England Patriots take on the irrepressible LA Rams for the Vince Lombardi trophy. Use this thread for predictions, gossip, speculations, prop-bets and discussions on how you’ll be watching.

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Obligatory guess the winner:


I think the Rams can win. but they just won’t, will they.


There’s a pub near St Paul’s that is showing the game and they’ve painted this on the window to advertise it, cracks me up every morning:


First time in ages that I think I cba to watch it live. Maroon 5, Tom Brady, human face, forever


I never have any interest in the halftime show, and the Pats pretty much always promise a competitive game. I’m excited!

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Yeah but it’s a competitive game the pats will win.


If only Eli was playing

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We all assumed that last year too


I’m at work early on Monday, so cba staying up for any of it. Will watch the full thing on iPlayer in the week probably. Pats will win


just noticed that in The Real Quiz, Hoop got the only TD for the NFC. which, of course.


You know you can do something else during the half-time show, right? I mean, I assume that’s what anyone sane does during any of the half-time shows, let alone one with Maroon 5


Just discovered this thanks to Deadspin, the Next Gen stats rendering is beautiful:


oh yeah, fully cracked up at that play :smiley: that’s what the Pro Bowl should be about, just doing stuff they’d never normally do because it’s ridiculous.


I will watch it and I hope the Rams win.


Going to a party with 2 packets of cofresh.

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thinking of staying out in manchester to watch this. where’s the least bad place to do that?


KiK’s house


think of the snack selection rich

soup still in the shape of the can.jpg

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plentiful Stella Artois, though

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Looking forward to it! Obviously nobody but @profk is hoping for a Pats win, but he was probably dropped on his head as a baby or something (think he said he had a significant reason for supporting them- a bruised brain would probably cover it).

The perfect result would be Rams by 3, with a decent number of points on the board. That said, I’d rather see the Pats win in a game that goes down to the wire than the it be a Rams blowout.

Has there ever been a bad Bradybowl? Can’t remember one.