Super Bowl LVII! Eagles vs Chiefs

It’s the two top seeds! Two all-pro QBs! Both with the same records! Both with the same amount of points scored! It can only be a barnstormer! Right?

At the very least Rihanna should put on a decent show.

Will win:

  • Eagles
  • Chiefs

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Would like to win:

  • Eagles
  • Chiefs

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If anyone wants to do us some prop bets, that would be grand

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  • Staying up, day off on Monday
  • Staying up, struggling through Monday
  • Probably go to bed
  • I live in a time zone which is much more convenient for watching this event

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working at 8 next morning and then it’s our Xmas party lol

We are showing it at the brewery though so genuinely considering kipping here for a few hours

Probably watch the first half then fall asleep.


Anyway, hope it’s a decent game, which it very much as the makings to be, with a mild preference towards the Eagles but don’t really mind tbh

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Reckon I’ll wake up early and nail through it in a couple of hours before work.

Feel like I should be excited for/about it, two excellent teams, but don’t really care

Don’t really care who wins so I’ve defaulted to the team that play in green and white.


the last time i stayed up and watched a full super bowl was last time the eagles were in it. think Mahomes will have just a bit too much for the eagles but really hope ma boys do it. Go Eagles. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s good that the two objective best teams have made the Superbowl and that there’s no overarching reason not to root for either, but as I said in the other thread I’m just not feeling it this year.

The Eagles are better on paper but I think there’s a non-zero chance that they turn to dust on the big day in a 2013 Broncos sort of way given that they haven’t really been tested in a big way for a while. Similarly the game could end up being a complete non-event if Mahomes isn’t 100%, but if the Eagles show up and Mahomes is fit it should be watchable at least. Think the Chiefs will edge it.

If people don’t support this thing, it might not make it


If it was a normal 15 minute halftime I could possibly do it, but it’s more like 45 and I’m not particularly fussed with anything Rhianna might do.


  • Mahomes
  • Hurts
  • Kelce (Travis)
  • Kelce (Jason!)
  • AJ Brown
  • DeVonta Smith
  • Pacheco
  • Anyone else

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More like half an hour I’d say? Halftime shows aren’t actually that long they pack as much as possible into it

But enough about Fulham-Forest…

brandon graham strip sack please :pray:

go birds!

Start work at 2am Mondays. Not conducive to NFL fandom but it does mean i get to listen to it on the radio at work.

Hope Vernon Kay is doing colour for Radio 5 again.

Want Mahomes to end up with more Super Bowls than Brady so think that’s reason enough to want them to win.

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might watch this.

what’s the quickest easiest way to read up on the rules of the sport? always baffled me previously.

This is a very basic primer.

I think the main sticking point for newcomers is the downs system. You basically have four attempts to progress the ball a collective 10 yards. If you achieve that, you get another four goes from the spot the ball ended up. If you don’t, the other team takes possession.

So you start with 1st and 10 (the first of four downs, with ten yards left to get). Say the QB hands the ball to a running back who runs four yards. You now have 2nd and 6 (the second attempt with six yards left to get). And so on.

Given that it’s bad to hand the ball to the other team, if you don’t do it on your third attempt, on the fourth attempt a team will either punt it away, attempt a field goal if in range, or sometimes just go for it.

A field goal is three points. A touchdown is six points. You usually kick an extra point for one point after a TD, but you can also attempt to score again from the two-yard line for two points.

Teams are made up of 53 players, split between offence, defence, and special teams players like kickers and punters (and others drawn from the offence and defence).

Offence consists of the quarterback who throws the ball or hands it to a runner (or runs themselves). They have an offensive line in front of them (a centre, two guards and two tackles) who protect the QB but can’t handle the ball themselves. Running backs run with the ball (but can catch it too). Wide receivers will run down the field to catch passes. Tight ends can block like the offensive line, but also receive passes.

On the defence, you have a defensive live who try and squash the QB or tackle runners before they go anywhere. Linebackers who do a bit of everything. And safeties and cornerbacks who follow opposing receivers to stop them catching the ball and try to intercept it.

Four 15 minute quarters.

The Super Bowl should be very good. The Eagles are a very complete team with a good defence and an exciting offence featuring a great young QB called Jalen Hurts who’s very good as a runner, and a top receiver in AJ Brown.

The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes at QB, who at the age of 27 is already regarded as one of the greatest players to ever do it. They also have tight end Travis Kelce who is an absolute machine.

That’s about the long and short of it. Feel free to ask anything else, there are a million nuances but this should help you bluff your way through!