super cool exciting Windows 10 task bar customisation problem thread with so much fun and joy in it you won't know what's hit you

Hi all
I’ve got too many icons on my taskbar in Windows 10, and when I go to the settings it tells me they’re all turned off, BUT they’re not! Imagine that huh? Well don’t actually, look at it:

One example of many circled in red for you there. Spot any others? Yeah, pretty much all of them! What’s with that?


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Let the man sleep!!!

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smee, is now a good time to…

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right click → unpin from taskbar


Windows 10 wanker


that works for the apps (outlook word etc) but not the shitty icons on the right

Hello Smee!

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You appear to be missing an arrow


keeps staring forward but offers a high 5 while walking past and then removes hand to leave Ant swinging through empty air

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wow that is some clean shit, nice

The Shareef don’t like it


managed to clean it up sufficiently to give enough space for my apps but I still lack the beautiful cleanliness in safebruv’s taskbar. what a dreamboat

SETTINGS->SYSTEM->Notification & actions

Click on “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” → new screen

“Always show all icons in the notification area” - SWITCH TO ‘OFF’