Super early Friday thread


What’s going on guys? Weekend plans, if any?

I’ve struggled to sleep today and have started pat leave a little earlier than anticipated (no news). Got ma sister popping up with my niece and nephew for lunch, which will be nice.

No weekend plans



Just woke up from a space zombie themed nightmare. Now laying in bed listening to the rain.

Off to visit some friends this weekend. Can’t wait.


Where are you off visiting?


morning richard tee, DiS

just hanging out. bout to get some :sushi:

going on a hike tomorrow and trying to decipher the weather reports into if the trail is actually walkable or not


Hmmm, sushi, miss that. Some of yr pics have been amazing, so I hope you do go. How long left?


lol just got woken up by a teacher from school who texted me to say I don’t need to be in until 9:30 tomorrow instead of 8:30.



Was wondering why you were up


Some little village in Hampshire, just for one night. It’s properly quaint and chocolate boxey down there. Unless you take a wrong turn and end up in Basingstoke.


how long is your paternity leave?


Ah my neck of the woods. Work in Basingstoke, live in Winchester


@rich-t !!!


2weeks pat, 2 weeks annual leave


This is a little village called Dummer (lol)


Ah yeah, drive through there on the way to work. Got a cricket center and a nice pub that I can’t remember the name of. Some of my colleagues go there on family dinners


will be back home next week. I’m actually in vancouver atm.




mostly :blush:


Always wanted to go to Vancouver.

In other news, waters have just gone. Wahey!


oh shit! :baby:

good luck mate



She’s just rung the on call midwife, could be any time between now and 48hrs time. Positive though