Super early Friday thread

Annoyingly they haven’t posted any set times yet so I’m not sure where the clashes will fall. But I’m really looking forward to those you mentioned (apart from Ed Shrader who I’m not aware of) as well as Ohhms, Ghold, Estuary Blacks, Cattle, VAILS, Bo Gritz and Kayla Painter. I like that Tiny Rebel have got involved with this one as well - will be nice to sink some decent pints in amongst the obligatory cans of Red Stripe.

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South Devon, overlooking an town called Salcombe that looks delightful but absolutely bursts at the seams with cunts between Easter and October.

Lovely stuff! Oh no, why all the cunts?

Great stuff @anon19035908 hope the move goes swimmingly.

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Ahaha Salcombe is the most Tory place I have ever been. (But generally lovely)

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Proper Tory sailing twats and their horrendous teenage children. We’re in the next village though where I grew up and know all the grumpy locals so it’s not so bad.

Do they all still wear those big puffy jackets made out of sail boat material?


Oh yes. To put it in context, it’s the birthplace of Jack Wills. That tells you all you need to know.

Ahh I’m with you. Christ the sailing Tory, what a horrendous subsection, proper Barry Homeowners

What’s the takeaway options for tonight then?

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Still reckon this is one of the best things Bobs ever done.
No idea yet, I’ll probably let Mrs F choose. The options are between the one Indian, the one Chinese and the one pizza place.

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Some good fish n chips shops though, I’ll expext you to contribute with photos.

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I worked in one circa ‘07!

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I’m going to take a wee bit of leave from here. To help with my brain health.

Ill be back.


Hope you’re ok man. I’m always a big advocate for a little break, can get on top of you a bit this place from time to time.

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Take care sheeldz :+1:

Look after yourself man. And should you need it the depression thread is always a good source of advice and solidarity.

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My thoughts exactly!

Hope you’re ok, dude xx

Afternoon everyone! I blinked and it’s half one already.

Feeling a bit grotbags :grimacing: throat is sore so I’ve put all of my make up on to trick myself into thinking I look healthy. I rang my Mum earlier and she gave me the same advice she’s given me since I can remember “gargle with dilute TCP!” I have never ever done this because it sounds awful but I’m so desperate to feel better for tomorrow that I might do it! maybe.


Get well soon matey! Am enjoying ‘gargle with dilute TCP’ being your ma’s sage advice in every birthday card since you were a nipper :grinning: