Super early Friday thread

Oh no are they going to go scabby? You could end up with some interesting tan lines.

That’s grim.

I’ve had to pull a few of my young adults about sectarian bullshit and ignorant homophobia but swastikas are next level bullshit.

Apparently the contract isn’t legally binding.

What?! Why?!

He was just saying “yeah well it’s just an advisory really, this happens all the time”.

The clause is very very clear in the contract:


They’re talking shite! What a bunch of morons!

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I called Shelter - they aren’t allowed to give advice re tenancy deposits anymore unfortunately. Citizens advice? Lawyers of DiS?

Show them the Simpsons clip of Lionel Hutz explaining what a contract is.


Deffo. My shins are covered in scars and burns so they won’t stand out too badly I hope.

Do you mean as a baby name? I like it as a name too but in case you’re not aware it means ‘barker’ and is used in several dog breed names in Russian

Is your deposit in a protected scheme?


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oh god I think I might have the worst job for me in terms of inducing annoyance in me

Seems like your best port of call? They were really helpful for us. (TDS)

Oh god. My best evidence document for this thing I’m doing keeps talking about World War II. The party who I’m writing this letter about had their enormous R&D and manufacturing site repeatedly bombed into oblivion during the war.

This is all going a bit Basil Fawlty.

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It makes me english not good.
Drowning in fucking pedants! It’s like DiS!

Are you malfunctioning?

They just said ‘the 10 day thing isn’t legislation’, which, ok, fair enough. However, the wording used in the contract i have in front of me is very clear, so i don’t really know why this prick is saying “it’s just a guideline”. Yeah ok pal, i’m sure that if i didn’t pay any rent and told you i didn’t want to because the clause in the contract about paying it was a guideline you’d have been ok with that.

Yeah, but I’m not Russian so it’s…fine?

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