Super early Thursday thread

I need to go to the other flat shortly in case John Lewis deliver our hob. Any time between 7am and 2pm :anguished:

Might go to sleep on the floor.

Don’t worry it’ll arrive at 1ish

I went for an audition for an immersive theatre show based on Cluedo as part of an upcoming festival in a few months.

I got the part, but it slightly overlaps with my work trip back to the UK.

Am trying to decide whether it’s worth paying up the ticket change fare. It’s a paid gig, and happens on a big old steamboat up and down the river. I get to play a gritty cop.

Rehearsals would be punishing though.

Do it


Think I miscalculated the time I needed to get up. Am eating breakfast but don’t start work for an hour, office is a mile away. Will probably still end up being late as they’re digging up all the town centre and road my office is on

Trying to decide whether to apply for a job that would involve a lot of early/late shifts (think they’re open 7am-9pm but it could be later)

Good Morning Plasticniki
Good Morning Froglet
Good Evening Ma0sm



Enjoying my morning Huel (tastes like banana Nesquik today). No meetings today, so going to try to Eye of the Tiger out a bunch of work.

Nothing else to report.

I’ve just dismantled the lock on the front door so i can buy a new one.

Where can you get a lock from??

Yes, @froglet is wise here. @ma0sm, do it!

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Morning. Have some conference thing today which means travelling (boo) but also face to face contact with humans (probably more of a good thing than bad on balance).

Just realised it also means wearing a shirt. Shite. Better dig out the ironing board…

Not sure it’ll have what you want but if you’ve moved to/near Catford, there’s a homebase nearish the bus depot on the main road between Lewisham and Bromley.


Just get a big padlock

What’s up, Eric?

Morning all.

don’t know what to do with myself

Had a really shit day at work yesterday and cba today


Really sunny here, should get out for a walk really, put off playing guitar for a bit longer.



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