Super early Thursday thread

Ok, not super early, but early enough

Doing anything today? Going anywhere? Almost hometime for me. Gonna swing by maccas for a brekkie then sleep for a while. Driving to godalming later to see a week old baby, then I might sleep some more.

Have a good day guys

Keep waking up at 5:30. Think I am quite stressed at the moment with work. Today I will be… working and contemplating what I might want to do as a different job.

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Need to get up and go to work early but it’s dark and bed is good

Going to Mansfield for a meeting today :metal:

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Feel like my brain is bruised after My Migraine™ yesterday :persevere:

I see we’ve reached that point in the year where it’s dark when you wake up.

Are we certain it isn’t possible for humans to hibernate?

I’ll tell you what’s good. Retail management


Just having a McDonald’s flat white. Disappointing/10


Nah they’re decent

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Normally a big fan of their coffee. This flat white was naff though.

Morning. What else did you get from McDonald’s Rich

Double sausage egg mcmuffin and hash brown x 2




Morning Rich. Due to bad weather I’ve only left my hotel room once today to get some dinner. It’s bizarre to think that two days ago I was in Death Valley and it was 42 degrees, today there was a massive hailstorm and autumn seems to have arrived overnight. It’s a real shame as I’ve seen nothing of Lake Tahoe. I’m heading down to Yosemite tomorrow - hopefully the weather will be better.

Just saw that Mark Radcliffe has cancer :slightly_frowning_face:




I really don’t want to get up. I feel totally wiped out.

It’ll probably be busy at work, need to finish some sample reports for directors. I should have finished them yesterday but other stuff kept taking priority.

Tonight I’m going to see Remo Drive at the Borderline with the nephew. He only told me about them a few weeks back, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so I’m looking forward to this.

We’ll probably get a McDonalds beforehand, might get a Flat White,


Up and got a great range o’ gifts as it’s my birthday! Lots of Frida Kahlo stuff, a few gin and t tins, mouse rat sweatshirt and a card from Dolly P!

Going to work then it’s pizza later and possibly a big wine.

@laelfy I heard that, such sad news


:smiley: day peaked already

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