Super fun game for cool dudes

But random. Not at all relevant to the thread though, is it?


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Next up: Madonna

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The Beatles

Look I love the Abbey Road suite okay?

Next: Radiohead

Taylor Swift

Love this :smile:

Thought you would, although the sad reality is, it says more about AMSP than much else.

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Next artist:

The National

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Siouxsie and the Banshees

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1 Cities In Dust: 10
2 Helter Skelter: 3
3 Hong Kong Garden: 3
4 Happy House: 2
5 Dizzy: 1
6 Spellbound: 1

Next: ABBA pls

Next: Pink Floyd

Next: Grace Jones

Next: Hot Chip

I do like other Hot Chip albums, honestly.

Everything Everything


Next: your Four Tet

Aha, I can play this one!

Next: your The Clash

Alright I’ll take it. Not a big Clash fan but still have tried a few times.


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Trans Europa Express - Metall Auf Metall - Abzug might be the furthest-ahead-of-its-time piece of music I’ve heard :exploding_head:

Next Aretha Franklin

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I was listening to that album when I posted that, and remarked how industrial “Metall Auf Metall” was feeling. Great stuff.

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