Super Furry Animals


will prob get the vinyl cos its one of the best albums ever


I agree with all of your points except for the last one. I VEHEMENTLY agree with point 3.


Definitely agree on Andy Votel, Shark Ridden Waters was fantastic



Yeah, though I do like Cabin Fever


This is a silly game that only people who don’t even really like music would get involved in:

Rings Around the World
Phantom Power
Hey Venus!
Fuzzy Logic
Love Kraft
Dark Days/Light Years


OH really? does it actually sound different to non-audiophile ears though?


Radiator and Guerilla are the best. Fuzzy Logic is up there too and people seem weirdly sniffy about it. Rings Around… is patchy and sounds like they were aiming for mass appeal. still loads of great stuff on it including their best song. can’t really remember LOve Kraft. Mwng never really grabbed me. Dark Days was pretty rubbish tbh.
edit: knew i forgot one. Phantom Power is ace, most underrated album.


Rings Around the World
Phantom Power
Love Kraft
Hey Venus!
Fuzzy Logic
Dark Days/Light Years

I’ve not heard Mwng. Which is weird, as I’m properly obsessive about the top 3/4.

Despite Rings Around The World being the world’s most blates Status Quo knockoff, it’s bloody brilliant. Also, Sidewalk Serfer Girl :heart_eyes:


You should listen to dark day light years again just for Cardiff in the Sun. such a great song. Some other gems on there as well. The very best of Neil Diamond, where do you wanna go and Lliwiau Llachar are lovely as well.


I loved this band once. I let a disastrous relationship ruin them for me.

How does one rehabilitate a band or music?


I’ll get back to you on that.


Re-associate with something else. Let them soundtrack an evening with a gbols or similar (good drive, nice bath, eating fudge).


Seeing them live again might help? Surrounded by likeminded people etc etc


the last few times I’ve seen them it’s been a bit of a ‘phoning it in greatest hits show’ so much so that I didn’t bother going to see them in december. I’ve seen them 20+ times though so maybe I’m a bit SFA’d out. This in no way should deter @saps from going to see them though obviously !


I saw them twice last year. Once headlining the Liverpool Psyche Fest, which was a marvellous greatest hits set, and once playing Fuzzy Logic and Radiator in full. Considering how full-on they were both times I didn’t feel like they were phoning it in - perhaps you are SFA’d out!


think I am. They need to record a new album. Wanna hear some new stuff. Bit bored of the same show over and over.


I would have agreed on them phoning it in the last 3 or 4 times I’d seen them up until last December. I think doing the double album shows brought the best out of them, and the crowd seemed really up for it as well, which made it the best I’ve seen them live for about a decade.

(seeing Bass Tuned to D.E.A.D. live was a weird kinda highlight, too)



hmmm was waiting for the drums to kick in and for this to go off on some sort of psych wig out. Disappointing.