Super Furry Animals


I’m really tired of this band, and I loved them for many years. I can’t believe they recorded their last albums nine years ago and now they’ve devolved into a nostalgia act.

By the way, the best song on DD/LY is “White Socks/Flip Flops” and Gruff didn’t sing it, so I’m fine with the other guys taking over. It’s not like Gruff’s solo albums even approach the majesty of a good SFA album.


Also, DD/LY is better than Hey Venus! and Love Kraft. Love Kraft is the only SFA album I find really spotty. The worst song is “Lazer Beam,” and that was all Gruff.


Here’s how I rate 'em:

Rings Around the World
Fuzzy Logic
Dark Days/Light Years
Hey Venus!
Phantom Power
Love Kraft


Fuzzy Logic
Phantom Power
Hey Venus!
Love Kraft


Is it ok to find Radiator a bit annoying?!? Love SFA but Radiator doesn’t do it for me. Any never really liked Demons…(runs away)


Ban request. :slight_smile:


cannot get my head around this at all. It’s not just one of the best SFA albums but one of the best albums of the last 20 years full stop !


The production sucks, but the songs are classic.


radiator might be my fave furries album for production. can you describe what you don’t like?


there is no bass.


I can’t understand the lack of love for love kraft.


I suggest you listen to:

The Horn
Walk You Home
Lazer Beam
Back on a roll


Walk You Home is great. I enjoy The Horn, but can see how it could grate some people’s ears. Back on a Roll and Lazer Beam are two of SFA’s worst songs ever. Still don’t think the other guys stepping in on a song or two is the problem with the last couple albums. They’ve all written some really good songs at this point, and their solo stuff isn’t bad either.

Gruff’s gotten cornier the older he’s gotten. American Interior is full of some pretty cheesy songs that wouldn’t make for good SFA songs. The shows were good, though.


No bass & very trebley, grating sound. It’s a testament to the quality of the songwriting that the album is as beloved as it is, because the production is really hard on the ears.

I don’t think any of their albums are bad. I think DD/LY being ranked at the bottom is a mistake. people should listen with fresh ears. I think it’s a very good record; definitely not one that should’ve led to a nine-year recording hiatus.


They’re all boss!


Well, since I’m a bit bored, I totted up the ratings to see how DiS rates the albums. I’m mostly confused by some of the low ratings for Fuzzy Logic out there…

  1. Radiator - 69
  2. Rings Around the World - 65
  3. Guerilla - 47
  4. Phantom Power - 42
  5. Fuzzy Logic - 38
  6. Mwng - 36
  7. Love Kraft - 23
  8. Hey Venus! - 22
  9. Dark Days/Light Years - 18


Each to their own. I go through phases, Guerilla was my favourite for ages, but Radiator is the one I’ve gone back to the most. Rings Around The World probably has my best moments. I don’t get the Love Kraft bashing, but yeah, opinions and that.

Doesn’t really matter. Genuinely great band who seem to always be below the radar. Proper ideas band who seem to also knock out great catchy singles at will.


I think Gruff’s always had a love of terrible puns (Marie Curie was Polish born but French bred!). I completely disagree about American Interior though. Possibly my favourite thing that he’s ever done.


The live show he did for it was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen him do, and I thought the film. was almost as enjoyable, but it’s the only solo album he’s done that I don’t really like listening to. Considering the film and all that other stuff were part of the project, it’s definitely not a complete miss.

Anyway, I’m still sad to see DD/LY at the bottom of so many lists. Give it another shot. It’s really good.


Book was pretty good as well. Don’t know about the American Interior app though.

Completely agree about DD/LY by the way. The last run of songs on that album are incredible