Super Furry Animals


DD/LY IS really good. It’s just not as good as any of their other albums! I can’t speak for everyone, but that it’s at the bottom of my list isn’t a testament to its quality, or lack thereof. It’s a testament to just how amazing their entire oeuvre is that even an album as adventurous as DD/LY can appear comparatively underwhelming.


It also has the best non-Gruff song, White Socks/Flip Flops. Bunf’s solo album turned out pretty good, too. People always dump on him, but I’ve enjoyed watching his songwriting slowly progress.


Yep. Being the least good SFA album doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just like being the tallest dwarf doesn’t make you tall.


I don’t think it’s the least good (that honor goes to Love Kraft or Hey Venus!), but at least you guys like it… In any case, they dropped a Play it Cool demo on the world a couple days ago. I like the acoustic treatment.


I’ve got a lot of time for Hey Venus! Musically conservative by their standards, yes - but at 35 (?) minutes it just breezes by and has some absolute gems on there.


Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon!


It’s not even that. I think it’s the length that really kills it for me, and a couple of the “rock” tracks sound kind of tame by their standards. “Carbon Dating” and “Battersea Odyssey” are as out there as anything else they’ve done, and “The Gift That Keeps Giving” is honestly one of my favorite SFA songs ever.


Any love for last year’s release Bing Bong? I thought that was them back to their off the wall best tbh tbf…


This thread is making me revisit DD/LY, and if you ignore the duffers in the first half, there’s a really good album in there…


Which are the duffers, Crazy Naked Girls and Mt.?

I just wish CNG had another verse. It starts getting repetitive by the 27th “crazy, crazy naked girls.” Would be much better with another Gruff verse.


Mt. / Moped Eyes / Inaugural Trams / Inconvenience all just annoy me a bit, tbh. But there’s also Cardiff in the Sun, which is the closest they’ve ever got to sounding like Mercury Rev, which is no bad thing.


I like Inaugural Trams and Crazy Naked Girls, although with the latter I wish the first bit lasted longer.


Yeah, same here on the first bit.

Really dig “Moped Eyes” and “Inaugural Trams.” “Mt.” is the weak one of the bunch, but I generally really like Cian’s songs.


I reckon it’s a great album, I thought it was a return to form after Phantom Power and Love Kraft.


It’s better than a song about football has any right to be.


Phantom Power is great!


Don’t agree with Rings always being rated so high. I remember at the time being really disappointed . The album seems more an exercise in using a big budget and gimmicks, the songs don’t have the same urgency or uniqueness to the albums that proceeded it.


Just made a playlist of songs I like off the last 4 albums, and kept almost all of Phantom Power. Had forgotten how many good songs it has on it - the entire first half is reeaaally good.


So is the entire second half!


Is anyone else in the Biff! Bang! Pow! SFA OK group on Facebook? Someone on there meticulously organised a SFA World Cup recently, to find out which song people considered their best. It came down to Ice Hockey Hair vs. Slow Life in the final, with the latter winning.

Some of the pairings along the way were BRUTAL (Northern Lites vs Demons was one, iirc) but the whole thing really drove home how many great songs they have…