Super Furry Animals


Oh man I wish I could have seen that, but that seems like a fair final.


Don’t want to sound like a sore loser but Ice Hockey Hair was robbed in that


It blew me away when it came out, but I wasn’t really an SFA fan at that point. For many years, I would’ve considered it the greatest album of all time, but I’ve kind of burned out my desire to listen to it at this point. I also wish they’d stop playing the hits from RatW and Phantom Power at their live shows and start playing some stuff off the albums that came after them, even if the fans complain…cuz if you’re a fan you should be tired of hearing some of those hits for the 200th time by now.

My first album was Guerrilla, which I bought on a whim, and was too uneven for me at the time. I love it now, though.


Not sure I’ll ever get tired of hearing Run Christian Run live.


Yeah, I went with Ice Hockey Hair.

Slow Life is great, obviously but it feels like it’s become their de facto Best Song, which is something I can’t really get on board with. I could probably name at least half a dozen others that would get my vote over it.


Run Christian Run! got dropped from their sets after the Phantom Power tour, so that’s not really the kind of song I mean. I agree it’s phenomenal live; one of their best. I’m tired of the whole “Hello Sunshine,” “Golden Retriever,” “Juxtaposed With U” sequence. They don’t really play those songs with any feeling, so that adds to my weariness of those songs. “Slow Life” also doesn’t really come off that great live, though it’s awesome the first couple times you experience it. Wish they’d do something new with it like they do with “Mountain People” and TMDGAF. I understand why they rely so much on backing tracks, but some of the songs really drown in Cian’s laptop/sequencer to the detriment of the song.


Agree with Guerilla it’s a bit clunky and uneven but that’s part of the charm, the way it is just all over the place.


If they ever do another album, I hope it sounds a lot like 50+ minutes of that newer Mountain People outro… Spacey, electronic, repetitive, chunky psychedelic sounds. Think Gruff & Co. don’t have the same knack for pop that they did when they were younger, but they have some interesting sounds in them.


The album show was the most fun I’ve had at an SFA gig since about 2005, and they seemed into it as well, so it might be they start dropping in more ‘niche’ songs into their sets.

They still finished with Mountain People / MDGAF, but at least before that there was Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir, Bass tuned to DEAD and Download.


I don’t mind them closing with Mountain People and TMDGAF. Those songs are two of their best and they always seem to evolve. I actually think Mountain People was gone from their sets for a pretty long time. Would love to hear the last track from Mwng live someday; I know they were doing it when they first re-formed.


Surprised Slow Life won that, it’s not bad but I’ve never considered it anywhere near their best.

I can’t really look past God! Show Me Magic for their best song.


I’m not in to reissues all I will say is this.

Super Gurry Animals are criminally underrated: they have some of the best melodic sounds since the Beach Boys.




The Furry Boys.



Oh my, listen to what putrid Chris Martin throws in at 00:45


“Putrid” indeed. That’s really quite lovely.


As much as I don’t like Coldplay I have to admit that IYDWMTDY is actually a really good choice for Chris Martin’s singing voice. He just went up in my estimation… a bit


“Putrid” was a bit unkind. I appreciate Chris showing some love for SFA, even if it was opportunistic love. Then again, the crowd barely reacted.


He’d have been better off quoting some MSP lyrics. Can’t see much of a SFA / Coldplay fan crossover…