Super Furry Animals


Meh, but also SFA, so I’m still all over it.


Yep. Unsurprising but a bit disappointing.



(still got one)


Looks like the bare minimum effort has been put in for the CD so I’ll just wait till it’s in the shops rather than drop £20 and a delivery premium on top via Pledge.


I’m a bit of a fairweather fan so not sure if there’s a story behind it, but have the first two EPs been written out of history completely? Always fancied giving them a listen but they don’t seem to have turned up on the reissues.


Most of the stuff on them was on other releases from memory - the Out Spaced B-Sides compilation would probably help out. Worst case, PM me.


You can still buy the Llanfair…(In Space) EP from Ankst Records for a fiver. Not Moog Droog though unfortunately.


Rings Around The World vinyl reissue just got announced - already up for pre-order. Looks like it’s got all the bells and whistles that the original had: bonus 7 inch, the side that plays inside-out, the locked groove etc etc etc. Sound of Vinyl have a nice purple edition (1500 copies) available too. Go go go!!


30 quid…bleugh (and missing the delicious b-sides)


Have the original :man_shrugging:


Looks like this was licensed to Music On Vinyl (presumably by Sony) without the band’s knowledge. They’re planning a ‘proper’ remastered and expanded reissue for the album’s 20th anniversary.


Wouldn’t that be 2021 though…


Yeah. Sony / MOV have beaten them to it.


Notable b sides from that era?


Roman Road
Happiness is a Worn Pun
Some absolute classics around that time


‘All The Shit U Do’ and ‘Edam Anchorman’ are fucking great.


remember really liking the video for that


Presumably a Guerilla re issue next year too?


Edam Anchorman is honestly one of their best songs. Still can’t believe how much amazing stuff they relegated to B-sides even all these years later.


I remember reading an interview with Gruff Rhys where he said that he wrote about fifty songs for the album.