Super Furry Animals

Was listening to Babelsberg just last week. Absolute masterpiece! Really didn’t like it much on first listen

Please tell me more about this bobble hat.


That’s well tasty

Saw that the other day when someone posted it on the SFA facebook group. It’s fucking horrible. And the band don’t get a penny from this merch either.


as per Bunf’s wife.

Seriously? It’s on their webstore? What kind of shenanigans are going on here?

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Don’t know, but shes a facebook friend along with lots of other SFA fans / people. Was a discussion about merch last week and they don’t make any money from merch. Even from the official merch people. Just went back and checked I hadn’t got it wrong but that’s what was discussed.

Ah yeah, I was in an SFA group for a long time that she posted in. That’s a huge shame that they don’t see money out of the merch. Disastrous situation for a band to be in.

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aw you should come back fella. It’s a pretty decent bunch.

I’m in the same group and was pretty horrified to learn that they also (apparently) don’t see any money from the album reissues, despite these very much being produced with the band’s full input (which wasn’t the case with the ‘unauthorised’ RATW reissue that was pulled last year, presumably because of pushback from the band).

Ha. reveal yourself then. What’s your name ? and yep, when it comes to not ripping off their fans I think SFA are a great example of how to treat your fans with respect.

Hah. I only re-joined last week for the Guerilla / Pang chat. I have a habit of coming and going. The group’s fine but a tad cliquey for my liking, so I tend not to post much.

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Big shame that. You’d think they’d get at least a small slice with some of those prices.

All the more reason to go when they next tour I guess.

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Very interesting. Are they still making back money against their advance? Surely not?

It was the best of those kind of groups on FB but I deliberately don’t go on that platform anymore to save my mental health. Good to know it’s still flourishing though!

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Can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not? The wording of it makes it sound like it shouldn’t have been released tbh.

I think there’s a single dropping today, so not long until we find out. But yeah - from that description it does sound like it could be another Y Peth.