Super League '17 (Rolling)

Ah I’m from there so been to loads of Cougars games in my youth.

Looking forward to this.

Leeds have been bobbins

This game.


Rhinos were awful yesterday!
Still hoping for a Cas/Leeds Grand Final…

It’d be nice if someone other than the big three could win it. Castleford have been pretty brilliant. Them or Hull. Fear it’ll be Leeds again.

Well I’m a Leeds fan, but agree that this season has been all the better for seeing the likes of Castleford, Salford and Wakefield doing well. Still, I hope your fears are realised!

Rhinos and Saints looking ominously good after round one of Super 8s. Reckon these two will be in the final.


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Who is going to win then?

  • Leigh
  • Catalan
  • Idgaf

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  • Storm
  • Cowboys
  • Why you still bothering?

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Gale man of steel

Hardaker DROPPED! :open_mouth: :man_facepalming:


Hardaker must’ve done something pretty serious, eh? Has he bopped a colleague or come in pissed or what?

Could have a huge bearing on the result.

This is apparently doing the rounds…

And yeah, bad for him for the upcoming world cup too.

Doesn’t look good. Think the club have done the right thing. The way Ferres casually repeats the racist remarks as well, private conversation or not. And who’s recording it?

Bit disappointed.

Yeah, RL and the club generally handle these issues well… with I guess less d s spotlight from the media than other sports.but doesn’t look good for him, silly.

Shame it’s been overshadowed by this stuff.

Should hopefully still be a good game, it comes close the semi last week, I’ll be happy.

Yep, I’m sure when it’s kicked off the rugby will be the thing being talked about.

(Just hope we win! Which given the record I don’t think we will, us beating them all season has them beating us in the big one written all over it. Plus we haven’t got any final games experience other than them beating us at Wembley a few years back)