Super League '17 (Rolling)

Would be good to have a different winner but yeah, Leeds always have good game plans for finals.

Just had a look at odds, tempted by Cas to score first try and lose 4/1

C’mon Rhinos! Not sure we deserve to win it this year - we’ve been bang-average most of the season, but will be a great send off for the two legends.

I think Leeds are a touch overpriced at 9/5.

Hope Cas win, obviously. Quite like Leeds, or at least did 2-3 years ago when they (to a part-time armchair League fan anyway) had a pretty devastating side, but they’ve won it enough.

Fair too easy - Cas never turned up.

Correction - Cas weren’t allowed to turn up.


We were kicked off the park and didn’t adapt to the wet weather… too many individual errors and by the second half we were out of it :confused:

Fair play to Leeds, they strangled the game and played smart

Leeds defensive lines were outstanding. I’ve been critical of Brian Mac in the past but he got it absolutely spot on tonight.

Cas have been fantastic all year and should be proud.


Do you think Cas will stick by him? Going on previous bans it looks like it will be a couple of years.

Stick by him in the way of making sure he has support with drug issues etc, but we’ll dump him off the wage bill for breaking club rules (setting an example to anyone else) ASAP.

So were the other rumours made up, or is he looking at a drugs ban and …that?

Dunno man… :confused: