Super League '18 (Rolling)

What’s cracking then proper rugby fans and not Southerners?

Part-time fan here. Any major signings i should be looking out for? Any major rule changes? Who are we expecting to win it?

I might go for one of Leeds, Saints or Wigan.

Said Hi to Sam Tompkins the other day in the local soft-play centre.

That’s all I’ve got.

latest odds are a bit weird, placing Cas still very high. They’ve not really recruited that much tbh, a PNG international winger, but relatively unknown. And Hardacker is banned obviously.

Going off the back end of last season Saints will be hard to beat with Ben Barba being a key player for them, but also their coaching change having more time to take effect.

Not sure if warrington have had long enough to change after smith has left but Murdoch-malsala and Roberts could come good.

Leeds have recruited well in filling the gaps of McGuire and burrow with myler (from catalan) and dwyer (from wolves) although neither player have kicked on to be proven world beaters just yet.

Wigan are dull to watch. but will be ok. Wakey may surprise a few people. Widness/Hull KR will be shit.

vatuvau at Salford could be good

Castleford 4/1
Wigan 4/1
St Helens 4/1
Leeds 6/1
Hull FC 6/1
Warrington 13/2
Huddersfield 20/1
Wakefield 33/1
Catalans 50/1
Salford 66/1
Hull KR 100/1
Widnes 200/1


Decent first match tonight. Rhinos look really up for it with the new signings fitting in pretty well. I imagine there will be a slump after the World Club Challenge, but we have enough to be challenging again.

Wire will be a lot stronger this year, but not sure they have enough to be in the mix. Oh, and Ryan Atkins swan dive was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in Rugby League!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s game if last season’s play off is anything to go by. Think Saints will nick it and may be the team to beat this year.

This was great wasn’t it :smiley:


Melbourne v leeds in 5 minutes :no_mouth:

Castleford Tigers have confirmed that they have ended the contract of full-back Zak Hardaker following his suspension in October 2017.

A club statement from Castleford said: "Castleford Tigers can confirm that Zak Hardaker has been dismissed from his contract with the club.

Hardaker, was suspended by the club after a failing a drugs test in the weeks leading up to the 2017 Super League Grand Final, and currently awaits the outcome of his case from UK Anti-Doping organisation.

Castleford Tigers will comment on this matter further when UKAD conclude their case."

Tomkins is leaving Wigan again.

Bit of a weird one in that he says it’s to try a new culture and speak a new language.


I haven’t watched much rugby recently but I’m guessing they can get someone better for cheaper and that will be the main reason.

Looks like Zak Hardaker will be off to the pies then.

There are 12 (twelve) live games of rugby league on sky this weekend. Truly we live in a golden age

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The NRL games were fantastic this morning. Let’s hope the magic weekend games are a bit closer today. Was really disappointed in the quality yesterday, particularly in my own team in the last game.

Anyone watching eng-nz? Decent try that.

Get in

I’m watching. Bit of a worrying half I think. NZ seem to be able to break through our line at any point.

As an FC fan, good to see Connor looking good.

That fucking hooter sound :joy::joy:

Yeah, lucky to be so close.

Really weird seeing a league match at mile high.

Yeah, really weird. Looks a decent size crowd though

I’m watching. They’ve shrugged our defence a couple of times :confused:

Good 40:20 for NZ, surprised they’ve not gone for more. We seem to be matching them down the middle, and if Roby has enough in the tank second half could be fruitful.

We’ll see who tires more. Slow/niggly play of the ball is annoying.

Eh what’s this now?