Super League '18 (Rolling)



Lovely weighted kick that


I’ve always had a pretty irrational hatred of Kevin Brown.


I think everyone hates him… really bland nothingy player… half a decent kicking game… not sure how else he’s played for so long


The James Milner of rugby league?


Not that interesting!


Did Shaun Wane cut himself shaving?


Whilst I could never cheer for Wigan, I’m really pleased for Dom Manfredi after the last couple of years he’s had. It’s also nice that everyone can still sing ‘it’s always your year’ to Wire.


2nd half was quite dull, other than ratchford nothing happening for wire.

Don’t really care for the narratives of players/coaches leaving etc

hope Bateman gets his arse handed to him next year. Tomkins is bobbins.


That was rubbish

Tomkins should’ve walked first half, but wire were shite and deserved nothing.

Wigan were poor but took 3 of the 4 chances they had on wire’s line



(didn’t see it, in work)


I feel this was the best way to experience that game


Anyone watching the test? Very even game.