Super League '19 (Rolling)

I believe there’s some proper rugby starting tonight?

What do fairweather fans like me need to know about rule changes, new signings, coaching changes, etc, etc?

Should be a good game this.


This might be a long night for Wigan…

Not this

Goal kicking is piss poor tonight.

really wanted to go tonight but it’s a bit too late for the lad

That’s a really good try

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Fantastic skill

Great game tonight! One of the ugliest drop goals ever but I’ll take it.

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I think I did something similar.

Anyone watching tonight? Glad my team aren’t involved in this relegation scrap tonight. Really tense start.

Not holding ou t much hope hull can turn that around in the 2nd half, really irked with the way our season has collapsed

And how the hell are wigan second!? Shame that quite an interesting season is gonna end with Wigan beating saints at Old Trafford again

You never know. I thought you guys were an absolute shoe in for the play offs, and would have caused a few problems if you were playing like you did earlier in the season. Have the players just had enough of Radford?

I honestly don’t know.

I thought we were a shoe in, too. Tbf we were, needed to win one from Salford, Huddersfield and Cas, lost all 3

Well done Salford, mind

3rd is a hell of an achievement for them

Yep, incredible for them. Watson has done a great job. Hope they go all the way, but like you say… it’ll probably be Wigan.

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