Super League 20

Can’t see a thread for this year, so here we go.

Good to have it back on and a great dramatic finish last night to really kick the restart off… No idea how Leeds came back from that, we looked dead and buried after 65 mins!

Huddersfield, innit

I missed the games yesterday, really struggling to remember where everyone was at the shutdown. Other than Hull being proper shit and sacking our coach live on telly.

Only other thing I remember is Leeds being absolutely garbage on opening day

Hudds looked fantastic for 65 minutes and would have gone top if they held on.

Have Hull replaced Radford? Yeah, that was the strangest way of announcing a sacking.

Not yet, still Andy Last in temporary charge

Cracking game this

Yeah, I love these tight low scoring games. Wigan’s defence has been awesome so far, but Saints matched it with that stop on Zak. Who are you going for?

Want Wigan. Think saints

Been a great game so far. Tough to call which way it will go.

Saints having the possession/territory but Wigan looking good when it breaks up a bit.

Think this sort of game suits Wigan, so I reckon they’ll go onto win it.

Phils turtle neck


“well eddeh, stats show that 88% of the time, people in turtle necks look like a twat”

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oh my god!


French got caught napping there, but that was some chase by Welsby. What an amazing ending


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Great game. Unbelievable last 2 mins. Can’t believe a Jordan Tansey moment has settled a grand final!

That were reet good.

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Cant find a 2021 thread but

Is huge, cant see it going ahead without them