Super League 2022

It’s back! Some of its on Channel 4!

Decent opening game so far. Saints look very good, would be out of sight if they could kick. Decent amount of biff too

Warrington’s year though, obviously

Oh jeez


Really looking forward to today’s game, even though the RFL have cocked up our prep with banning Austin because they couldn’t be arsed watching the tapes a week earlier. Would have been a good narrative for the first game on C4 too with him having his first game against his old club, but since when have the RFL given a shit about promoting the game.

Anyway, come on the Loiners!!!


Really looking forward to c4s coverage

Will be refreshing to watch a game without either Barry, Terry and Phil Clarke or Jonathan Davies for a change

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Gutted we couldn’t hold on but a really entertaining game. Don’t think we could have done anything more after the sending off and sin-binning so lots of positives for the Rhinos despite the loss.

Only saw the first half, but yeah, Warrington didn’t look great but I guess numbers told in the end.

I thought Kyle Amor (!) was pretty good and it’s great that Adam Hills was clearly thrilled to bits to be doing it

Yeah, they were getting overlap quite easy at the end. But I think the injuries to Myler and Fusitua hurt us more than the sending off as it totally restricted our interchange options.

Amor and Hills were great. The only downside (or it could be a positive for some) was that they glossed over a number of controversial decisions that led to tries. I appreciate that they were trying to be positive and promote the game but I do think scrutiny is necessary for big calls that affect games. Overall though, really good first broadcast!

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Lots of lovely tributes to Johnny Whitely pre-game.

A shame we’re going to get absolutely smashed by saints after

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Great advert for the game, this :joy::joy:

Fucking hell Gale!

Saints Wigan has been pretty good so far

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Wigan ran out of steam unfortunately. Should have been Red for the crusher tackle. Jai Field is great fun to watch

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Try of the season contender here

Just seen that Powell tackle. How did he not get red for it?!?! After all the reds we’ve seen this year for pretty incidental contact to the head, and he only gets sin binned for that? Nonsense

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Ref even said it was a crusher. Don’t understand how it wasn’t a red

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“it’s a red card offence, so I’m only giving yellow”

And people wonder why we complain about refs

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Wigan have binned off Hardaker. Good riddance, was a waste of talent

he got cited and a 6 game ban for it!

bare minimum he should have got!

what’s Hardaker done this time?