Super League 2023

Kicks off tonight with the mighty Rhinos against this year’s champions in waiting (as it is every year). Don’t fancy our chances after a very underwhelming pre-season but Rohan Smith has plenty of credit in the bank from the turnaround last year.

All super league chat here. Go……

it’s Warrington’s year

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The way the commentary team were going on I thought they were going to give them the trophy at halftime last night. They seemed to miss the fact that we were absolutely horrendous. One of those performances where we were that bad I just had to laugh at times.

i remember watching Hull smash Leeds at Headingley in the first week of the 2020 season. Radford still managed to get sacked before lockdown started.

can’t read too much in to one game

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Watch first half off world club challenge then went out to park run was gonna catch up with 2nd half but already had some messages saying ‘up the saints’ when I returned.

Just watched anyway pretty good match.

Anyone need a job?


Tidy game that tonight. Hull KR looking good under Willy Peters.

“the reacharound is punished” :flushed:

Can’t believe there’s a real person called Tex Hoy

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I should have put my house on Sutcliffe scoring tonight!

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Entertaining first half :+1:

Now I’m off to check out Tex Hoy’s insta

JJB and YJB there

No doubt this entertaining for neutrals but I’m hating this.


Great game

Well done Hull. Could have gone either way that one. I’m going to have nightmares about some of those bombed chances tonight :rofl:

New drinking game: take a sip every time Kyle Amor says detail. You will be shitfaced!

Wow, we’re going to see a shitload of 8 point tries this year.

Stay classy world champs