Super League 2024

It’s back!

All games are live on sky and

The big questions going in

Is this Warrington’s year?

Have Hull finally found a half back pairing?

What’s Zak Hardaker been arrested for this time?

Kicks off tonight with the Big City Derby

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It already feels different under IMG. Hopefully they can maintain these levels of interest and promotion.

One thing that won’t change is Zak. I was actually shocked that he wasn’t already banned from driving.

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Hull being a shambles is another

Enjoying the new commentary team on sky, so much better with just the 2 voices

Wonder how long the new emphasis on the ptb will last, I give it a fortnight

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Pele is gonna be missing a few after that. There looked to be another punch in there that they never even looked at.

That was Pele too :joy:

Think I heard the touch judge saying “it’s the same guy anyway”

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That’s try of the season sorted then….

No, no and probably just banned for cocaine use

This is a red now

Game’s gone

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Unbelievable decision. 2 games in and we may have a player strike on our hands. RFL gleefully fucking up all of the work IMG have done.

The one that the Warrington player got sin binned for was far worse, no attempt to wrap the arms, shoulder first, and I think a yellow is fine for that because the Hull player slipped. But a red for the above is a nonsense. What if that’s the first tackle of the match?

Anyway, looking forward to the WCC tonight with a more sensible set of rules

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Light-up posts?

Too far Wigan, too far

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Well done Liam Moore. Phenomenal second half for Wigan.


Definitely some “questionable” decisions there

Think Wigan just about deserved it on the basis of the defensive effort, really incredible work


Wardle was in a different post code to the try line

ahhhh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that’s mint

I’m such a rubbish fan, but am enjoying how good Wigan are rn

really says something about the club at the moment that they beat such a vaunted Penrith team

(said before I had a look at the highlights)

does feel pretty cheap, tbf, in addition to it being preseason for them