Super Saturday

Morning lads.

Felt cute might delete.

Meeting a pal today and we’re gonna go for takeaway coffee and hangs. Isn’t that a bloody glorious sentence?



Nice pic. I think you are safe class it as ‘cute’ :grinning:


Been sugar soap scrubbing walls to get rid of marks. When my daughter wabted to join in my wife was explaining she would need to s rub.

I earned an :roll_eyes: by saying, “Some parts need TLC. For these: no scrubs.”


And the whole room stood up and clapped


Wasted on F of course. Not sure she even understood what TLC means. She was having too much fun



Stupid brain woke me up at 5am :yawning_face:

BBQ today. Baking some bread this morning.

Thought I had quite a fuzzy head to say I only drank 4 beers, then I saw some empty bottles in the kitchen and remembered I drunk a bunch more :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Clever me put some coffee on to cold brew in the fridge yesterday :+1:


Shudders at cold brew

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Let’s put it to the good people of dis

Cold brew coffee…

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People love it but people voted in a Tory majority, etc etc :wink:


We got through the whole of the Immaculate Collection and of Daydream Nation today. Nice.


Out of work at 5, fell asleep in the car hahaha (like in the parking bay, not whilst driving), just got home.

GF couldnt sleep, and was up baking bread. Just had a lovely warm slice with butter, so spirits are boostedddd. Gonna shower and sleep for a bit, then spend the rest of the day eating.

Also been up since 5 for no reason. M was soundly asleep, kitten was still in the position he’s been in since arrival yesterday, staring at me but quiet.

Crumpets and chai for breakfast.

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Yes Theo!

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500+ unread replies in the Friday night thread and a 5(?)am Saturday thread: feels like DiS has gone 24/7!

I also woke early, skim-read the Friday night thread and then went to sleep again. Had a dream that @profk was a famous chef with his own restaurant and was tweeting about how clean his premises were (including a tweet about how he’d been getting all his staff to clean the various safety notices on the walls).

Plans to follow


Clean because of a splash-free, no-sauce environment.


Hi. Off to work shortly, gonna be :grimacing:.

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Anyway: it’s sunny again. Listening to this in bed:

Going to do what we did a couple of weeks ago, except with Indian food - making a beef Rogan Josh for me and Mrs CCB and a chicken passanda for the girls, plus breads etc.


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Morning all!

Terrible night of sleep preceded by our bat visitor which meant Wor Lass wouldn’t open any windows through the night.

The Child was up for about an hour and a half until 2.30 when I slept on her floor. I got back to my own bed after dawn.

I should be a bit hungover but it probably won’t past the residual tired- and grumpiness.

My only plans are to put numbers on our bins. I live danger.

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