Super tedious iPhone question

Can you do swipe style typing without getting an app? If you need an app what is it and shit.

Well you have all disappointed me yet again.

Nobody here is lamecore enough to use apple products

  • I have an iPhone.
  • I am not a Tory

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it’s my work phone. I am part of the OnePlus 3 big gang in civilian life.

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You need an app.

Surely no one is lamecore enough to care about what phone someone else uses?

swype keyboard is available for apple, as are others with swipe functionality
I had it on my last iphone
yet to install it on the new one

Is “lamecore” some new genre @sean has come up with?

It’s on Apple now and this means you’ll get Apple heads telling you about this amazing new way of typing that Apple have invented and that’s why Apple are amazing.

are there any other brands that spark as much ridiculous anti bandwagoning/ snideness as apple?
asking for a friend