So with the news that Prince will be rolling around in his grave, it’s time for SUPERBOWL 52!

So in a highly uninspiring final, it’s Tom Brady’s legacy vs an actually bloodthirsty Philadelphia fanbase!

I don’t particularly mind who wins, though the Patriots will be the slight favourites going in mostly down to Brady still being pretty great even at 40 years old and a gammy hand and Gronkowski is cleared for tomorrow. The Eagles will have to dig deeper than the Jags who showed that this Pats team aren’t perfect, but also can very easily be saved by some 4th quarter Brady magic.

I’ll take Pats 27 - 24 Eagles

It should be an entertaining game at least, even if some don’t particularly care for either team personally.

Let’s hear your predictions, plans, patter etc!

Patriots by 10. Eli Manning is the only man who can stop Brady and co in the big game.


SO Hall of Fame announced, absolute whopper class:

Also the NFL honours happening just now, spoilers Todd Gurley has won offensive player of the year

Usually not that bothered by the hall of fame but I’m glad T.O. has got in just to spare us the same old terrible columns you get every year about whether or not he should be.


How about Ray Lewis? :wink:

Hall of Fame has always been very stubbornly about what happens on the field (OJ Simpson is still in it FFS) so that wasn’t a surprise. Terrell Owens’ propensity to start a row with whoever was around (his QB, his coach, his fans) always led to a load of cane-shaking from the NFL establishment, despite him being one of the best receivers to ever play the game, which is what’s kept him out this long.

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Really hope Nick Foles wins a Super Bowl.

Preferably through some last second touchdown from LaGarrette Blount.

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JJ Watt is (yer) man of the year:

And also, the last MVP to win the Super Bowl was Kurt Warner in 1999. Make of that what you will


Saw someone on Twitter comparing the Super Bowl to the Nuremberg rallies, so that’s today’s dumbest hot take on the game sorted already


Superbowl gambling:

Trump to tweet > 2.5 times during the superbowl - 5/6 (if he’s watching, he’s tweeting)
Jersey number of first TD scorer >32.5 - 5/6. (Gives me Lewis, Gronk, Amendola, Gillislee, Ajayi, all Eagle TEs)
Same for last TD scorer
Distance of longest penalty scored >15.5 yards - 10/11. Come on pass interference!
Brady to be MVP - Evens (Betfair)

Go Eagles!!


Actually remembered to book tomorrow off work, for the first time in decade


fucking hell what?! how?!

seems like you picked the right time to get interested again :wink:

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Chuffed for Kamara and Lattimore! The Saints did some incredible things in the 2017 draft. Very excited for next season (cue shock Brees departure and going 3-13).

As for the Superb :owl:, like most people I can’t see past the Pats, but will be rooting for the Eagles. Took tomorrow off and have a few mates over so will be am buffalo wings.

Apparently there is going to be a hologram Prince during the half-time show which is… very stupid. LET PEOPLE DIE.


Ha, yeah I know fuck all about it. I do keep an eye on scores throughout the season, well mainly checking in with the eagles.
As far as I’m concerned they never properly replaced Herschel walker :grinning::wink:

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will you be watching tonight?